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You will no longer be able to send money to mobile numbers or emails through NetBank from 19 March 2016.

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Last updated 08 March 2016

However, you can still send money to mobile numbers on the CommBank app. You can also send money in NetBank using a BSB and account number, or using BPAY.

Why is this being removed?

We’re making sure that sending money is simple in both NetBank and the CommBank App. Removing payments to mobile numbers and email reduces confusion on the payment screen of NetBank while making it much easier to manage your account address book. 

Is there anything you need to do?
If you would like to keep any mobile numbers or email addresses stored in your NetBank address book you should take a note of them and save them somewhere else.

Get the CommBank mobile app
If you haven’t already, download the CommBank app - you can still send money using just a mobile number in the CommBank app.

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