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International Money Transfer: Problems with SMS security codes

Last updated 28 November 2016

I haven’t received my SMS security code on the Verification Screen on CommBank. What should I do?

If you have not received an SMS security code within 5 minutes of accessing the Verification Screen on CommBank, please exit CommBank and reopen the page in a new browser. A new code will be sent to you when you return to the Verification Screen on CommBank.

After several attempts, I still haven’t received a SMS security code on the Verification Screen on CommBank. What should I do?

There may be an issue with the SMS mobile carrier in your country and we may be unable to send you an SMS with your Security Code. Please:

  • Access the Verification Screen on CommBank
  • Unselect the tick-box that prompts you to save details for future payments on the Enter your collection details screen


  • Unselecting this option will:
    • remove the requirement for you to enter a verification SMS code on the Verification Screen, and you will be able to proceed with collecting your payment
    • mean that your details will not be added to the Payer’s address book for future payments; they will need to send you a Collection Code for any new payments.

I received my SMS security code after I logged out of the CommBank portal. Can I still use the code to collect my payment?

If you receive your SMS security code after you have exited the CommBank payment collection site, you can still log back into and enter the code to collect your payment. The code is valid until your payment expires (5 days after your Payer originally created the payment).

I have entered the right mobile number and payment code but still cannot collect the payment.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. This has occurred for one of the reasons shown below:

Collected: Your payment has already been collected. Please make sure you have entered the right payment code for this payment rather than a previous one. If that still is not working please contact your sender.

Expired: Your payment has expired and is no longer available. It is possibly more than 5 days since the payment was sent. Please contact the sender to resend

Cancelled: Your payment has been cancelled and is no longer available. Please contact your sender to understand why the payment was cancelled.

I haven’t received payment after completing the Collection Portal experience and receiving a Collection successful screen.

It usually takes 3 business days for the funds to be cleared into your account. If you have not received your payment after that time please contact the sender who will be able to initiate a trace on the funds.

The amount I have received is less than what was sent.

Your bank may have deducted its own fees to process this transaction. Please check with your bank.

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