Can I transfer a credit card balance from another bank using NetBank?

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Last updated 02 February 2015

Yes, you can transfer the balance of one of your Australian credit cards or store cards to your Commonwealth Bank credit card. You may request to transfer up to your available credit or $20,000, whichever is lower. To request a balance transfer:

  1. Log on to NetBank
  2. Hover over the More tab, Under the Manage accounts heading select Manage my accounts
  3. Select Transfer a credit card balance
  4. Select the account you wish to transfer a credit card balance to
  5. Enter the details of the store or credit card, the name of the card issuer, card number and the amount that you wish to transfer
  6. Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions for Balance Transfer
  7. Click Submit

Please make sure you have sufficient available balance on your card for the transferred amount. If the available credit on your Commonwealth Bank account cannot accommodate the full dollar amount you wish to transfer, we will transfer a portion within your available limit. Transferring the whole balance from another card will not close that account.

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