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Why is there no virtual keyboard when I log on to NetBank?

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Last updated 18 March 2014

NetBank would be safer if it had a virtual keyboard as part of its log on process.

Myth Buster:
While virtual keyboards may create the perception of providing 'extra security', this is actually not the case. Many computer viruses and malware are designed to capture screenshots of every mouse-click (so cyber-criminals can still see what you enter as your password). This is why it is so important that your system is protected.

We offer you a free 6 month subscription for McAfee Internet security to help ensure your system is free of viruses and malware.

Additionally, we provide an extra level of security through our free NetCode SMS service.

Traditional protection relies on something you know such as a password or security questions. Adding a second layer of security requiring something you have such as a mobile phone helps prevent cyber criminals from making fraudulent transactions or compromising your identity because the NetCode single-use password is sent directly to your mobile phone.

Put simply, you wouldn't know if somebody had stolen your password but you would definitely know if your mobile phone was missing.

If you aren't one of the 4.5 million customers who already benefit from this service and would like to register, you can get a free NetCode security upgrade right now via the 'SMS Security' page, accessed from the 'Security' tab in NetBank.

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