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How secure is the CommBank app?

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Last updated 13 November 2015

The CommBank app incorporates a range of measures to deliver high standards of security and provide customers with peace of mind when making mobile payments. These include:

  • Strong customer authentication procedures
  • Device-level security controls
  • Robust monitoring
  • The backing of our 100% Security Guarantee

Our 100% Security Guarantee means that we'll cover any losses should someone make an unauthorised transaction on your account.  This is provided that you protect your PIN and password, and immediately notify us if of any loss, theft or misuse of your PIN and/or password, or if there has been any suspicious activity on your account.

CommBank has many other high-profile and award-winning mobile and online banking platforms, and we have a great record of protecting customers who use these platforms.

For added security when making a payment to a mobile number we recommend that you notify the recipient of the payment via an alternate method to how you made the payment.  For example, if you made a payment to a mobile number, you should let the recipient know by calling them or sending them email.

Other methods include SMS or face to face.

Never record or keep a payment code where it can be viewed by others.

You can place your CommBank PayTag on the back of your phone underneath a protective phone case for more discrete use.

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