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CommBank ATMs

ATM Features

With Australia's largest ATM network, the Commonwealth Bank offers simple and convenient access to your bank accounts around the clock.

Commonwealth Bank ATMs can be used to:

  • Make ATM cash withdrawals from eligible accounts without the need for a card
  • Set your own favourite withdrawal
  • Transfer funds between linked bank accounts
  • Deposit cash and cheques*
  • Receive account balances
  • Print recent transaction lists
  • Change your PIN
  • Perform a range of features in your foreign language
CBA ATM machine

Cardless CashCardless Cash

Using the CommBank app’s Cardless Cash option, select whether you or someone else will be collecting the cash. If you are collecting - simply select the amount you need to withdraw and you will receive an in-app Cash Code and Cash PIN via SMS. Using these two codes together, you’ll be able to securely withdraw cash at most CommBank ATMs without the need for a card.

More security

When using ATMs it's important to guard your financial details and protect yourself from threats like card skimming. You can learn more about protecting your finances on our ATM security page.

Our enhanced ATMs have been specially designed for enhanced protection against fraud and skimming. Our new ATMs now recognise EMV chips, which provide more security than the traditional magnetic strip. Thanks to this EMV technology, your information is more secure than ever before, so you'll enjoy world-class protection and greater peace of mind on every transaction.

Favourite withdrawals

Personalise your ATM experience and save time by setting up your own favourite withdrawal. If you generally withdraw $200 each time you go to the ATM, for example, you can set this amount as your favourite withdrawal. Then the next time you visit an ATM, simply enter your PIN, select 'Favourite withdrawal' and you're done.

Foreign languages

Our new ATMs allow you to choose or set your preferred language from a choice of six, in addition to English. You can select from simplified Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean or Greek. It's just another way we allow you to customise and personalise your ATM banking.**


We've made sure our new ATMs are easier to use for all our customers. Audio-enabled machines guide people who are sight impaired or blind through their ATM transactions, removing the need to memorise steps or the position of buttons. Once headphones are connected, audio is initiated for a process that is simplified and user-friendly.

New cash & cheque in ATMs

Our new cash & cheque in ATMs* allow you to do your banking at a time that's convenient for you. Need to deposit cash or cheques but the bank isn't open? Now you don't have to wait. You can deposit both cash and cheques without an envelope 24/7, and cash is credited to your account instantly. Our cash & cheque in ATMs put you in control of your banking and you can relax knowing that your money is secure and accounted for.

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We understand you may have questions about the new features of our ATMs. You can visit our FAQ page to find all the answers you need, call us on 13 2221.

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* Only available on new cash and cheque in ATMs.

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We are in the process of upgrading our ATMs around Australia. You can visit the locations page to find out if your most frequently used ATM has been upgraded with a cash and cheque in ATM. You can also use our locator tool to find your nearest ATM.

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