Commonwealth Bank statement

5 December 2005

The Commonwealth Bank today said that the grooming guide that the Bank had issued to its retail banking staff was intended as a guide only.

Hugh Harley, Group Executive, Retail Banking Services said that the Bank is very proud of the way its staff present to work.  The grooming handbook was developed in conjunction with the new corporate collection which was issued to staff in March of this year, free of charge to staff serving customers directly.  With the issue of the new designer collection, staff had shown a keen interest in personal presentational matters.

The Bank has been holding workshops for staff to show them the full potential of the new attire and how to present it in the most professional manner.  In this context, the grooming guide had been developed, as a guide only, to support any staff looking for additional information.

Response from staff to the new corporate collection has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular, staff serving customers directly are very appreciative that they were given a high quality wardrobe free of any charge.

Mr Harley said, "The guidelines are just that – guidelines. They should be seen in that context. The guide was developed in response to staff interest in personal presentation and I apologise to any staff who may have been offended or who do not feel comfortable discussing such matters".



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