Bill facility

About bill facilities


A bill is your promise to pay back a loan at a later date. We give you an amount less than the face value (settlement price) of the bill. On a specific date (maturity date), you pay back the settlement price plus interest.

A bill facility helps you manage cash flow more effectively by making payments only on the maturity of the bill. It also provides interest rate protection and flexibility. Its features include:

  • Minimum borrowing amount of $500,000
  • Variable facility that offers an interest rate on a short-term basis (providing the flexibility to reset your rate every 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days)
  • Fixed rates are available for up to seven years
  • Principal reductions at each rollover are available
  • Bill rates are based on market-related rates

Choose the right structure

Use as a revolving line of credit (where you draw down funds as you need them) or a term loan (if you want to pay it back over time).

Interest rate management options

  • By attaching interest rate risk management solutions to your bill facility, you can protect your business from adverse interest rate movements
  • Take advantage of positive fluctuations over an agreed period
  • You can include one of the following interest rate risk management solutions in your facility:
    • Cap Advantage
    • Range Advantage
    • Rate Reset Advantage
    • Forward Start Advantage
    • Principal Range Advantage
    • Participator

Rates and fees

Our latest rates and fees make it easy for you to compare products and make the right financial choices.

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Important information

As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF 59kb)

Flexi Bill Solution – Cap Advantage, Flexi Bill Solution – Range Advantage, Flexi Bill Solution – Rate Reset Advantage, Flexi Bill Solution – Forward Start Advantage, Flexi Bill Solution – Principal Range Advantage, Flexi Bill Solution – Participator are issued by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, view our Financial Services Guide (PDF 59kb)

View a Product Information Document (PID) for Cap Advantage (PDF 123kb) for more information about this product.
View a Product Information Document (PID) for Range Advantage (PDF 125kb) for more information about this product
View a Product Information Document (PID) for Principal Range Advantage (PDF 128kb) for more information about this product.

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