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Free protection for your PC with McAfee® Internet Security

CommBiz is a market leader in online banking security. We use state of the art fraud prevention and detection technology and monitor CommBiz around the clock with a dedicated team.

Now we’re pleased to offer you a higher level of PC security for all CommBiz users. With McAfee® Internet Security, you’ll enjoy software that protects you online, all the time. In addition to safe searching and transacting the McAfee suite provides continuous automatic updates to ensure you’ll be running the most current security controls, allowing you to combat threats as they emerge.

Advantages of McAfee® Internet Security

More than a simple anti-virus program, McAfee Internet Security is feature-rich and easy to use. Some of the many features include:               

Protection from viruses, spyware and adware

  • Which protects, blocks and removes threats.           

Protection from phishing

  • Alerts you to a website that maybe trying to steal your identity, credit card or banking information.

Spam filtering

  • Keeps your mailbox free from unwanted, fraudulent or phishing emails.

Protection from hackers

  • Two-way firewall and identity protection allows you to confidently use the internet knowing hackers can’t get access to your PC or your financial information.

Protect your PC now

Don’t miss the opportunity to protect your PC for free for six months.

You will be directed to the McAfee website.