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First check Albert’s 3G signal. If you have poor reception, try using WiFi. Rebooting your Albert may also rectify the issue. If you’re still having trouble getting a connection, please call support on 1800 230 177

You can set up the email receipt function under 'Settings'. Please note - some private email domains may not allow Albert to connect due to firewall restrictions. For more information, contact us on 1800 230 177.

Everyday Settlement is available for eligible customers with a CommBank Business Transaction Account and a linked CommBank merchant facility. 'Same day' includes eCommerce card sales before 5:30pm (AEST) and EFTPOS card sales before 10pm (AEST).

Albert uses standard 57mm x 38mm x 17mm (OD core) rolls. Additional receipt rolls can be purchased online via EFTPOS Stationary.

If you would like to apply for MOTO payments, please contact us on 1800 230 177. If you’ve applied for MOTO and it has recently been approved, please reboot Albert to enable it.

If you have forgotten your login password for your App bank account, you can reset it on the App bank website.

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