UnionPay Terms and Conditions

If you accept UnionPay cards, the following additional terms and conditions apply to your merchant facility.

Amendments to Part 1 of your Merchant Agreement: How to use your facility

  • UnionPay card transactions can only be processed online. If the system is down:
    • you may not accept UnionPay cards or provide refunds on UnionPay cards;
    • for UnionPay transactions, you may not use paper vouchers, Store & Forward does not apply and the authorisation centre is not able to approve transactions
  • Not all UnionPay cards have cardholder names or expiry dates. If a card doesn’t include one of these, you can still process it.
  • We recommend you only process transactions where the card is present, if you decide to process card‐not‐present transactions and are not able to verify the customer’s full name, address and phone number (because the customer is an overseas resident) you will be liable for any chargebacks.
  • Wherever the Merchant Agreement refers to card schemes, card schemes include not only MasterCard and Visa, but also UnionPay.
  • For cardholder disputes, the period for dispute is 180 days, rather than 120 days. To be safe, you should keep all documentation (vouchers or records of transactions and proof of delivery) for UnionPay transactions for at least 8 months after the date of delivery of the goods or services.
  • For UnionPay transactions you must not process any of the following:
    • Betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off‐track betting, and wagers at race tracks
    • Financial institutions – merchandise and services
    • Non‐financial institutions – foreign currency, money orders (not wire transfer), scrip and travellers’ cheques
    • Securities – brokers and dealers
    • Wire transfers and money orders
    • Agricultural co‐operatives
    • Remote stored value loads at financial institutions
    • Remote stored value loads at merchants

Amendments to Part 2 of your Merchant Agreement: Terms and Conditions

  • You must not give cash out on UnionPay cards (even if they are debit cards).

Amendments to Part 3 of your Merchant Agreement: Optional products

  • If your terminal processes currency conversion transactions, you won’t be able to accept UnionPay transactions through your terminal.

For help or more information, contact our Merchant helpdesk on 1800 230 177, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.