Making payments

A secure and reliable payment strategy will help you better manage cash flow, accelerate the payment of receipts and maintain good business relationships with your suppliers. We offer a range of payment options to help control the flow of funds at your business.

Direct credit
Direct credit enables you to make electronic payments to any bank, approved credit union or building society in Australia, at a convenient time and place. The facility is cheaper than using cheques and saves you time by automating regular payments. You can also create reports to track incoming and outgoing payments.

Priority payments
The priority payments facility allows you to make guaranteed payments within a day to creditors at another Australian bank. Delivery and settlement take place in real time so it’s ideal for urgent or highly important payments. Funds can be transferred at any time from the convenience of your home or office.

BPAY® payments using CommBiz
Enjoy the flexibility of making payments via the phone or internet by using CommBiz to pay bills that display the BPAY® logo. You can pay bills from numerous organisations in one simple transaction and schedule payments when they’re due to maximise cash flow.

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