Developing your idea

5 things you need to do before starting a business

Five tips to help you get on your way to being your own boss.

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How to develop a business idea

See if your idea has the potential to translate to a successful business.

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6 common business plan mistakes

Avoiding these mistakes will help set you up for success.

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Getting ready to launch

Setting up your accounts

5 reasons to separate your business & personal accounts

Learn how to reduce your admin time and ensure quick and clear accounting for your business.

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What type of finance is best for your business?

The pros and cons of different types of finance and how they work when starting a business.

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What are the different ways to accept card payments?

A guide to help you choose the merchant services that will best suit your business.

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Getting ahead

Time saving tips for small business owners

Strategies, software and tools to save you time on admin.

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5 ways to market your business online

Budget friendly ways to get your name out

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9 tips to build your business on social media

Strategies to help fast track your brand's social media presence.

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How to build an online store

Accept payments online and build an online store with an all-in-one solution that gives you flexibility.

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Things you should know

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1 You can only open an account in 10 minutes or less if you’re a new customer or existing customer who is either a sole trader or a director of a private company (Pty Ltd). Once we’ve identified you and checked your business details with ASIC successfully, you’ll see your account immediately in NetBank.

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