Are you getting the most out of your business data?

Powerful, easy and free

As a small business owner, the more you know, the better.

Whatever your business, Vonto’s personalised insights will give you the edge and cost you nothing.

Vonto is open to everyone, no matter who you bank with. 

So much data, so little time

Let Vonto crunch the numbers for you.

Vonto securely combines data from your favourite business apps like Xero, Facebook and Shopify to find trends and uncover opportunities.

See up to 10 personalised insights in the app each day, while you focus on growing your business.

Make decisions on the move

Vonto is always looking for ways to help you access, interpret and use your business data to help make smarter decisions.

Vonto’s daily insights give you the confidence to take action at a glance and on the move.

Built with security and data protection in mind

It’s your data, you own it

Only you and the people you choose have access to your data.

Stay safe and secure

Vonto is security tested to CommBank’s security standards.

Supported apps

Once connected, Vonto will give you up to 10 key insights every day by combining data from your favourite apps.

Whether you connect all or 1 of the supported apps, you’ll see the benefits of conncecting to Vonto.  Vonto curates your data and surfaces insights, no matter how many apps you connect.

Find out more about apps supported by Vonto.

Simple and easy

We built Vonto in partnership with real small business owners

A community of 150 small business owners shared their challenges and ideas to help create Vonto, so it’s easy to use and surfaces insights you want to see.

Helping small businesses stay ahead of the game

A combination of new technologies and CommBank’s security standards opens the doors to exciting insight-driven opportunities for small business owners.

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Things you should know

Any information provided via the Vonto App or the Vonto Website is intended to provide insights relevant to your business based on the data provided by you and your data providers. As such, the insights may not necessarily have regard to your business’ financial situation or needs and is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional advice. Before acting upon any insights provided via the Vonto App or the Vonto Website, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances and seek professional advice.

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