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Introducing Kounta on Albert: The all-in-one business platform

Introducing Kounta on Albert: The all-in-one business platform

Australian businesses now have access to an integrated POS and payment platform able to streamline day-to-day operations and offer improved customer service.

Kounta on Albert, a new collaboration between Australian start-up Kounta and our EFTPOS tablet Albert is officially here, and its applications have the ability to usher your business into the future.

Navigating a digital landscape

The world-first Kounta on Albert fusion is a secure and flexible all-in-one business platform. The POS Kounta app, housed on the EFTPOS Albert device, allows two emerging technologies to work together to help businesses on the wide range of activities that fall under typical day-to-day operations.

We know businesses across the board are adopting digital operation methods and, inherently within this, are offering more personalised experiences for their customers. In a digitally-led business environment like todays, this is something that customers are increasingly expecting. Kounta on Albert helps provide an even playing field for brick-and-mortar businesses, such as your favourite café down the road, to compete in this space.

Multi-channel benefits

To offer an example of what this actually means, some of the top features that deliver immediacy, efficiency and flexibility for businesses using Kounta on Albert include:

  • Customer engagement: Every business has its peak periods, and too often staff are challenged to provide a great customer experience at these times. Kounta on Albert makes queue busting and paying at the table easy, simplifying customer service roles in high-demand situations.

  • Process management: Managing inventory, table reservations, CRM, reporting and analytics and checkout systems are just a few operations that run the risk of becoming siloed as part of day-to-day manual processes. With Kounta on Albert, there is greater transparency to help such processes to talk to and inform one another, in turn supporting day-to-day store management.
  • Increased security benefits: Because Kounta was created to provide uninterrupted and reliable service, heavy security procedures including data backups, network redundancies, standby power and intrusion detection are just some of the mandatory components of its security procedures. These benefits all exist on Kounta on Albert- in fact, this is the first time multiple business functions have been brought together on one device with a world-class standard of security.

Above all, Kounta on Albert is an affordable solution that bridges the gap between daily (and often legacy) operations. Instead of being locked into a contract, businesses can instantly sign up on a monthly subscription, helping to break down cost barriers that small businesses typically come up against when looking to integrate POS systems.

See how these benefits actually apply to small businesses in action, like the popular Pablo & Rusty Sydney CBD Café. The adoption of this new technology has allowed the café to improve operations from both an internal business and external customer perspective.

Adaptable for your business success

This technology was developed first and foremost to benefit businesses, to make future-proofing their operations easy. Operating in an increasingly digital environment poses many challenges, and far too often, businesses feel like they are facing these alone.

Kounta on Albert’s business benefits all ladder up to providing this crucial additional support. At the end of the day, Kounta on Albert is an innovative – and world-first – solution, made for better day to day store management. For customers embracing this technology and innovation, they are able to focus on other business priorities, rather than being caught up in daily, time consuming operations.

Supporting businesses through technology and innovation is an increasingly important service that will help assist Australia’s transition to embracing digital economies.

Businesses with the Albert device right around Australia now have the option to download Kounta on Albert for free through AppBank. 

Click through here to find out more about how Kounta on Albert can transform your business