Getting started

Manage your home loan online

NetBank and the CommBank app are the easiest way to manage your home loan, view your loan balance, transactions, manage repayments, change loan types and more.

Manage in NetBank

CommBank My Property

The CommBank My Property experience in NetBank and the CommBank app provides personalised property insights that change dynamically over time, allowing you to track and manage your property portfolio, explore your options and plan for the future.

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Making your home loan work for you

Our home buying guide contains handy information on how to manage your home loan, even when your circumstances changes.

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Repayment & redraw

Changing your repayment

Stay in control of your home loan repayment. In NetBank you can: 

  • Change your repayment amount and frequency
  • Change your repayment type from Interest Only to Principal and Interest

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Change in NetBank

Redrawing extra repayments

Accessing your additional repayments could be an option when you need additional funds.

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Redraw in NetBank

Understanding your statements

Get a step-by-step guide to understanding your home loan statement and how to start getting your statement online.

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Pay off your home loan sooner

Making small changes now can save you time and money.

Flexible options for your home loan

Increase your home loan (top up)

If you’re planning renovations, want to consolidate your debts or simply need extra cash, borrowing additional funds with your existing home loan could be the perfect solution.

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Apply in NetBank

Switch, refix or split your home loan

If you need to change your home loan type to better meet your needs, we’re here to help.

Many of our loans offer the flexibility for you to switch, split or adjust terms.

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Add-ons for your home loan

Interest offset

Offset the funds in your linked accounts against the balance of your home loan, to potentially save thousands in interest and cut years off your loan term.

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Wealth Package

Enjoy discounts on eligible loans and credit cards.

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Our range of insurance options can help protect what matters to you.

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Home Loan Compassionate Care

Complimentary protection may be available for your eligible Owner Occupied home loan if you, your spouse or dependant is medically certified with a terminal illness or passes away. 

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CommBank Green Loan

The CommBank Green Loan is a 10-year secured fixed rate loan designed for existing, eligible home loan customers to buy and install clean energy products such as solar panels, battery packs and solar hot water systems.

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Building equity & selling

Building & using equity

To build the equity in your home sooner or increase the value of your property, make extra repayments or open an interest-offset account.

You may already have the flexibility to use the existing equity in your home to renovate, invest or improve your lifestyle.

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Selling a property

Deciding to sell your property can be overwhelming. We can help you throughout your home selling journey with our handy tips and tools.

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