We don’t charge our customers ATM access fees.

Anywhere. Anytime. End of story.

From 3 March 2009, the Commonwealth Bank won’t charge its customers ATM access fees for withdrawals or balance enquiries in Australia on transaction and savings accounts (including MISA), home loans, investment home loans, lines of credit and personal loans. Not at our ATMs or anyone else’s.

However, CBA customers please be aware that when you use another ATM, the owner of that ATM may charge you a fee—which they must disclose at the time of the transaction. If you proceed with the transaction, the ATM owner’s fee will be debited from your account (in addition to any withdrawal amount, if applicable).  This fee may be referred to as an ‘ATM Service Fee’, ‘ATM Operator Fee’ or similar.

CBA customers can avoid ATM access fees & ATM owner fees in Australia altogether, just by visiting any of 4,000 Commonwealth Bank or Bankwest ATMs. We have over 1,000 more ATMs than any other bank in Australia for your convenience and savings.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Direct Charging? 

A. Currently, you are charged by your own financial institution when you use an ATM that belongs to another ATM owner in Australia.

The introduction of direct charging from 3 March means the ATM owner can now charge you directly. The ATM owner will disclose their fee (direct charge) to you on the ATM at the time of transaction, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to continue with the transaction.   

Q. Why is this change being made?

A. Direct Charging is an initiative developed by the finance industry, together with the Reserve Bank of Australia, to give cardholders more choice and to increase fee transparency when using ATMs. All ATM owners will be making this industry-wide change.

Q. How much will CBA customers be charged when they use a non-CBA ATM?

A. Each ATM owner will set their own ATM owner fee (direct charge). The amount of the fee will be disclosed to you on the ATM at the time of the transaction.  You then have the option to continue with the transaction (and accept the direct charge) or cancel the transaction (at no cost). 

Q. Will CBA continue to charge customers ATM access fees when they use a non CBA ATM?

A. From 3 March 2009 the Commonwealth Bank will no longer charge you ATM access fees on account withdrawals and balance enquiries on transaction and savings accounts (including MISA), Home/Investment Home loans, Lines of Credit and Personal Loans made through non-Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Australia. (Note: This excludes account balance enquiries and withdrawals on CommSec Cash Accounts).

For Credit Card balance enquiries, the Commonwealth Bank will no longer charge you non-CBA ATM fees. For Credit Card Cash Advances, the non-CBA ATM fee will continue to apply. This fee is in addition to the ATM owner’s fee (direct charge).

ATM access fees will continue to apply on all overseas ATMs, including the ATMs of ASB Bank in New Zealand and Commonwealth Bank in Indonesia and Vietnam.

All other standard withdrawal fees, including electronic fees, will also continue to apply.

Q. How can CBA customers avoid paying an ATM owner fee (direct charge)?

A. You can avoid paying a direct charge by using Commonwealth Bank or Bankwest ATMs. The Commonwealth Bank has over 4,000 ATMs available and the largest by far than any other bank. Also, you can withdraw additional cash (get ‘cash out’) when making purchases using EFTPOS . 

Q. Can Bankwest customers use a Commonwealth Bank ATM free of charge?

A. Both Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank customers will be able to use each other’s ATMs without paying an ATM owner’s fee (direct charge).