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Top tips for your next trip

Explore the pros and cons of cash, pre-paid travel cards, credit/debit cards and travellers cheques.

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Get the most out of your credit card when travelling with our smart spending and safety tips.

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Tips to help you save up for your next holiday. 

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Got the travel bug? See our guide to gap years, study breaks and solo adventures. 

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These clever money saving and budgeting travel tips will help you get more out of your money.

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Learn how to minimise safety risks when you travel, both before you go and when you're away. 

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Our pre-departure checklist can help get you organised for your next international trip.

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Quick guide to using NetBank and/or the CommBank app when you're overseas. 

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Packing, planning, spending, accommodation, travelling safely and getting the most of your trip.

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 Travel Money Cards are a secure, convenient way to access money overseas.

 travel loan is an easy, flexible way to fund flights, accommodation and more.

 Take some local currency with you, so you're not caught without cash when you arrive.

 Convert currencies with our foreign exchange calculator.

 Learn about travel insurance included with some of our credit cards, or look at one of our tailored travel insurance plans

 If you need help when you're away, here's how to contact us.

Before you travel overseas, let us know your travel plans. It will prepare us to expect foreign transactions on your account, plus we will keep an eye out for any unusual activity. 

Simply complete our online form in NetBank or visit us in any branch

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