Mobile phone security tips

Mobile phones offer you the convenience of managing your share portfolio, transferring funds and completing your everyday banking needs wherever you are. It is important to remember that you should be cautious about how you use your mobile, and that, just like a computer, your mobile needs to be kept secure to protect you from identity theft or fraudulent transactions.   

Some simple security steps you should take include:

  • Use the official CommSec app and log out after every session
  • Where available, ensure your device has appropriate anti-virus/spyware software installed
  • Avoid using public networks such as Wi-Fi networks to complete your online trading or banking transactions
  • Lock your phone when you are not using it and ensure that only you have access to the password
  • Delete any old messages which may contain information from financial institutions
  • Be aware of people looking over your shoulder when using your phone in public
  • If you receive a suspicious text messages regarding your account, please contact CommSec immediately to confirm its authenticity
  • Do not respond to text/email or phone requests to provide your Client Identification Number and/or password
  • If you are lending or selling your phone, ensure that all historical information has been removed
  • Keep your profile contact details up-to-date so that we can contact you if we suspect any suspicious activity on your account


For any further information, or if you suspect your account has been accessed by someone else, please call CommSec immediately on 13 15 19 or +61 2 9115 1417 if calling from outside Australia (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Sydney time). Outside these hours, please call 13 22 21.