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How does the Daily IQ Merchant Insights feature work?

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Last updated 13 March 2014

Merchant Insights provides a summary of your business activity based on:

  • Sales for any previous day including average transaction size and average daily transactions.
  • Time of day for biggest sales or weakest sales.
  • Largest transaction sizes.
  • Location with best sales.

You can apply a range of timeframes and state-based filters for a more detailed view - helping you prepare your business for the future. You can even compare your sales figures with a previous month or year, and identify seasonal trends.

This report is provided only to CommBiz merchants with a CommBank settlement account and is based on transactions made on CommBank terminals.  The data currently excludes some online transactions (such as eVolve, BPOINT and CommWeb). The location of your transactions is based on the last known address of your store(s).

For more information see our Merchant Insights user guide

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