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Do foreign ATMs and EFTPOS work the same way as those in Australia?

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Last updated 11 April 2014

Using ATMs overseas is very similar to using those in Australia. Overseas ATMs will usually give you a choice of instructions in the local language and in English. PIN-based Maestro and Electronic transactions are also the same as in Australia, just swipe your card and enter your PIN at the time of purchase. In some countries, you may be asked to sign for your purchases instead of entering your PIN.

If your PIN does not work while overseas, we recommend you check with a local bank to find out if there are any unique PIN rules for that country or bank.

You can change or reset your PIN in NetBank while you are away, just ensure you have global roaming on your mobile or have registered an overseas mobile number in order to receive your Netcode. To register an overseas mobile number attend a Branch or call 13 2221.

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