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How do I check my transactions in NetBank?

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Last updated 07 October 2015

Go to the View accounts tab, select Transactions then select an account from the dropdown. If you’ve closed an account in the last two years, you’ll still be able to see the transaction history for these accounts by selecting Show recently closed accounts (on the same page) next to the dropdown.

You can also view extra details for your NetBank initiated payments by clicking on the transaction description. See the date and time, From account, To account, Authorised by, a receipt number and the amount.

You can also see details on other transactions, such as ATM withdrawals, which will allow you to see the Transaction date and time including ATM location details.

Searching transactions:

If you’re looking for a particular transaction and you're unable to locate it, try Advanced search +.

Sorting transactions:

Sort your transactions by date, transaction details, and amount by selecting the column heading you want to sort by.

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