• Some payments, cash withdrawals or deposits may appear as pending on your account until a transaction is fully processed (generally 3-5 business days although it can take longer).
    • If you’ve closed an account in the last two years, log on to NetBank > View accounts and choose Closed accounts to see your transaction history.
    • Turn on Transaction Notifications and we’ll instantly alert you when pay using your debit card or your credit card is credited or charged.


CommBank App

Check recent transactions

  1. Log on to the CommBank app 
  2. Tap Accounts
  3. Tap the relevant account
  4. Scroll to check recent transactions at a glance
  5. Tap on a transaction to see more info

Tap the search icon to:

  • Search by description, incoming or outgoing transactions
  • Find a transaction by amount, category or date




  1. Log on to NetBank
  2. Click on the relevant account
  3. Scroll to check the transaction at a glance
  4. Click the transaction name to see more info


You can also

  • Search by keyword
  • Use Advanced search to filter a transaction by time, transaction type or amount
NetBank settings