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In their words: 4 things on the minds of Australian businesses

4 business leaders share their experiences and give us a true understanding of what’s important to Australian businesses right now.

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Amantha Imber

Innovation is not enough, with Amantha Imber.

After stepping down as lead for Inventium, Dr Amantha Imber is now what she describes as a "Chief Maker" and shares how to create a socially driven business with innovation at its core.

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Jillian Kilby, The Exchange

Lessons from regional Australian communities

Jillian Kilby and Malaika Mfula, from Dubbo-based co-working space, The Exchange, on the importance of resource access for rural women.

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Women's financial wellbeing

How much do you need to retire?

These benchmark annual budgets might give you some idea.

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Understanding payment programs

Buy now, pay later: What's the catch? 

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Enhance your financial wellbeing

A guide to help you build your financial independence across your lifetime.

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Driving social change to create a better world for women

Grow your business

Access the latest tools, practical information and business insights.

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Be empowered

Be inspired by thought leaders driving social change and enhance your financial wellbeing.

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Build trusted connections

Learn from women business leaders and meet likeminded women at our events.

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