Real stories of driving social change

Building capability through education

Executive Director of UN Women, Janelle Weissman, explains why higher education is a game-changer for women. 

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Two business incubators creating social change

For the refugee and migrant women participating in these programs, the impact has been profound.

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The power of collaboration

Two entrepreneurs, Dr Catriona Wallace and Cathie Reid, collaborated to build a business and list it on the ASX. 

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Women's financial wellbeing

When we come together, we dream bigger

Women in Focus and Business Chicks work together to achieve more

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How to position yourself for promotion

Here's how to position yourself for your next big role

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Finding financial independence

Some simple steps you can take to check in on your financial wellbeing

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Driving social change to create a better world for women

The power of partnerships

Women in Focus and Business Chicks work together to make the world a better place for women.

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Our commitment

We're committed to advancing the growth of women in business.

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