How to start banking online

  • NetBank on your desktop

    You can do your day-to-day banking from your laptop or desktop computer with NetBank, it's simple and secure. 

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The CommBank app

Access your statements & documents online

  • No need to print

    You can easily view and download your statements and other important banking documents in NetBank and the CommBank app. You can also email them directly from NetBank.

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Accessing other financial documents

  • Here are some of the financial documents you might need that you can download from NetBank (in addition to your statements):

    • Interest and tax summary
    • Account confirmation (confirms your account details without showing the balance)
    • Balance confirmation (confirms your account details and balance from the previous day without showing transactions)
    • Detailed account summary (a detailed summary of your account details, including current interest rates and fees)
    • Transaction summary (confirms your transactions and account details for a specific period you can choose)


Manage your cards

Cancel and replace a lost, damaged or stolen card

  • If your card has been lost, stolen, or it needs to be replaced, you can report it on NetBank or the CommBank app. There’s no need to wait till you can get to a branch or call us. 

    You can immediately cancel your card online and request a replacement. If you think you've misplaced it, you can put a temporary hold on your card while you look for it. 

    You can find out more about reporting your card lost, stolen or damaged

Payments & transactions

Update contact details

  • Change your contact details online

    If your home or postal address has changed or you need to update an email address or landline phone number,  you can easily update your contact details online.  

    How to update your contact details

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