Paying for shares using BPAY?

NetBank allows you to pay for your shares quickly and conveniently using BPAY. All you need is your BPAY Biller Code for the share offer and Customer Reference Number (CRN). It’s just like paying any other bill.

To ensure that your shares are successfully purchased, please make your transfer by 6PM (Sydney time) on the closing date of the share offer.

What if I have multiple allotments for a share offer?

Typically, each share allotment has a unique Customer Reference Number (CRN). As each biller listed within your address book entry can only have one CRN, you will need to set up one address book entry per CRN (allotment).

If you wish to schedule payments for multiple allotments of shares for a future date to the same biller (e.g. purchase two lots of shares from XYZ Pty Ltd) please follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Set up the biller in your biller address book – remember each CRN requires a separate address book entry.

  • Step 2 Schedule the payments as you would normally – visit our demo to see how it’s done.

  • Step 3 Check the ‘scheduled bill payments’ page (accessed from the BPAY tab) to confirm you have successfully scheduled your payments to the correct biller using the correct CRNs.


Below is an example where two separate share purchases for XYZ Pty Ltd have been established.

From account

To biller

Customer reference number


Next schedule date

 2000 12345678

 XYZ Pty Ltd




 2000 12345678

 XYZ Pty Ltd





For more information about BPAY please visit the NetBank Centre.