AGL now a BPAY View Biller!

AGL is one of the largest providers of gas and electricity to Australian homes, and it’s joined other large Australian utilities providers by making most of its bills available via BPAY View. So you can now pay and manage your AGL household energy bills on NetBank.

The biller codes accepted are:

AGL Retail Energy Limited


AGL Sales Pty Ltd


AGL South Australia Pty Ltd



What’s BPAY View?

With BPAY View, you receive your bills electronically, to your secure NetBank environment. You will get an email and a Bank message telling you that a new item has been received. You then log on to NetBank to view it via the 'BPAY View' page. Then you can make or schedule a payment quickly and simply, all without worrying about filing and finding paperwork.

How do I sign up for BPAY View?

To register for BPAY View with a biller, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to NetBank and go to the ‘Bills’ page.
  • Click on 'BPAY View', then click the 'Add biller to BPAY View' button.
  • When the 'Add a biller' page displays, enter the biller's name or BPAY biller code (which you'll find on your printed bill next to the BPAY logo) and click 'Search'.
  • Select the biller you want to add from the list provided, then select “Add Biller”.
  • Fill in the required information fields and confirm your details and click the ‘Add biller; button.

The biller has 2 days to respond to your request, and once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email at the email address you registered with NetBank (make sure this is up-to-date).

You can also register for BPAY View when paying a bill in NetBank with a participating BPAY View biller. Simply check the BPAY View box and you will be prompted to complete any additional details to receive your next bill via NetBank.

Does it cost anything?

There are no charges for using BPAY View. Standard bank fees and charges apply to payments.