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Setting up regular deposits

Salary deposits are the easiest way to ensure money is paid into your account regularly. To set this up, download and complete our Account details letter for employer and give it your employer, who should then make the change.

Download letter

Regular savings plans are an easy way to grow your savings and help reach your goals quicker. They can be as simple as a regular direct transfer between your Everyday Account and your Savings Account which can be set up via the "Transfers & BPAY" tab through NetBank. Or you can use the savings goal tool in NetBank to create a regular saving plan and track your progress as you make your goal a reality.

Set up a regular savings plan in NetBank

Step 1: Log on to NetBank and click on the Transfers & BPAY tab.

Step 2: Select the accounts you'd like to transfer your money between, the amount you wish to transfer and, if you’d like, enter a brief transfer description.

Step 3: Click Set up regular payments, select how often you would like to make the transfer and what date you would like the first transfer to be made.

Step 4: Select when you would like the transfers to end:

  • Select Never if you would like the transfers to continue until you choose to stop them.
  • Select No. of payments if you would like to specify a set number of transfers.
  • Select Date if you would like to specify what date the transfers will stop.

Step 5: Click Next and Pay to confirm the regular payments.

Whether you want to save up for something or pay something off, setting a goal is a great way to keep you motivated. With our savings goal tool, you can keep on track with a regular savings plan and watch your money grow.

To set up a savings goal in NetBank:

  • Log on to NetBank
  • Click on the "View Accounts" tab
  • Select "Goals & Savings"
  • Click on "Add a goal"
  • Choose the savings account you will use for your goal
  • Personalise your goal by giving it a name
  • Input the amount you want to save and your savings frequency
  • Choose an end date and input the account for the money to be transferred from.
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