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Nicknaming accounts is a great way to organise your finances. Giving your accounts their own names helps you keep track of them. And if you're saving for something, naming your account after your goal can help keep you motivated. What's more, nicknaming your accounts can be done easily through NetBank.

To change account names log on to NetBank and Click on the "More" tab at the top of the page, then:

Log on to NetBank

Tax File Number.

A Tax File Number can be provided by you to ensure that we do not unnecessarily withhold tax from the interest earned on your account. You can do this on NetBank, by calling 13 2221 or visiting your local branch.

Daily withdrawal

Daily withdrawal limits on your card are set at $1,000 for ATM and EFTPOS transactions, but can be increased up to $2,000 on NetBank, by calling 13 2221 or by visiting us in branch.

Savings specialists.

Savings Specialists are available to visit in most Commonwealth Bank branches. They can give you assistance and advice and help you work out a plan that's best for you using budgeting tools, tips and savings calculators. Visit one today to help reach your savings goals quicker.

Personal overdrafts.

A Personal Overdraft is a great feature on your new account that allows you to access additional funds, up to an approved limit. This can be very helpful if your account ever falls short of funds and helps you manage life's little emergencies. Applying is quick and easy, call us on 13 2221 or visit your local branch.

International Money Transfers.

International Money Transfers are a great way to send money overseas to friends and family in over 200 countries. It's easy. Simply log on to NetBank or visit your local branch, provide the full account number, bank and beneficiary address details as well as the swift code for the bank you wish to make a payment to.

If you are expecting a payment from overseas provide the person sending you money with your full account number, your address, the banks address details as well as the swift code for Commonwealth Bank, which is (CTBAAU2S). For more information, go to the International money transfers page or visit your local branch to find out more.