CBA involvement in the war

CBA branch with soldiers

Those who went to war

CBA story

Staff from CBA head office in Sydney and across the Bank’s nascent branch network enlisted.

CBA logo from World War One era

Economic effects of war

CBA story

The Australian economy was transformed during World War One.

women and soldiers in branch

Holding the Home Front

CBA story

Commonwealth Bank continued to expand, with jobs filled by women and school leavers not old enough to enlist.

CBA and World War One

By the end of World War One, 241 CBA men had signed up to serve in the armed forces. Angus Sullivan, Group Executive Retail Banking Services, discusses in this video how the past has shaped our future at Commonwealth Bank.

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Lest we forget

posters for war bonds

Filling wartime funding gaps

CBA story

CBA oversaw the successful launch of 10 bonds that raised £250 million in total between 1915 and 1921.

CBA headquarters with Peace and honor roll

The end of the war

CBa story

News of the official signing of the Armistice reached Australia in the evening of 11 November.

The Great War & the economy

Commonwealth Bank Chief Economist Michael Blythe analyses the economy during World War One and the effect on Australia in the aftermath.

CBA and World War One: A nation defined

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CBA building with war bond advertising
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