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What do I need to know about BPAY®?

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Last updated 13 July 2016

BPAY is a bill payment service that allows you to pay your bills quickly, easily and securely at any time from a computer, telephone, mobile phone or tablet device.

How it's accessed:

All you need to access BPAY is NetBank or Telephone Banking.

  • To access BPAY online you need to be registered for NetBank.
  • To access BPAY through Telephone Banking, you'll need your 4-digit CommBank App PIN or your Telephone Banking password. If you don't have a Telephone Banking password, call 13 2221, then select option 1, then 0, to speak to one of our staff.

Paying a bill with BPAY:


Click on the Transfers & BPAY tab. Select the account to pay the bill from and then select New payee to the right of the To account field.

To pay a bill for the first time enter the Name you’d like to save it as, BPAY Biller Code, Reference number and Amount. The company will automatically appear next to the Biller code field after you’ve entered it correctly.

Telephone Banking:

If you have a 4-digit CommBank App PIN or Telephone Banking password you can pay bills with BPAY over the phone. Simply dial 13 2221 and select Option 1, and then Option 2 from the main menu. Make sure you have the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number ready before you start.

If you have forgotten your password or haven't been set up with one, call 13 2221, then select option 1, then 0, to speak to one of our staff.

Mobile phone/tablet:

Providing you are registered for NetCode and already have the biller in your address book, you can pay your bills with BPAY on your mobile phone or tablet, anywhere - at anytime. Find out more about accessing NetBank on your mobile phone or tablet.

BPAY processing time:

When a bill payment is submitted, the money is instantly debited from your account, but may not be received by the biller immediately. Any bill payments performed on a weekend or public/bank holiday or after 6pm Sydney time on a business day will be processed the following business day. When paying a bill via BPAY you should be mindful of these processing times to ensure you meet your bill due dates.

Benefits of BPAY:

Through BPAY on NetBank there are added features to make paying all your bills even easier including:

  • Pay multiple bills at once, schedule payments in advance and set up recurring payments to save you time;
  • Receive selected bills online through BPAY View;
  • Predictive search, to quickly find what you are looking for such as paid bills, billers in your address book or scheduled payments;
  • Help information and tips right where you need it. Just hover your mouse over the question mark symbol and the relevant information will pop-up on your screen and;
  • Keep track of all your billers in the Address book.

There are more than 20,000 Australian billers registered with BPAY, just look for the BPAY logo at the bottom or on the back of your bill. Most BPAY bills can be paid directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account. Check your bill for more information.

Customer Reference Numbers:

The Customer Reference Number (CRN) is the number that the biller uses to identify the account to be paid. The CRN can be found on the paper or electronic copy of your bill directly to the right of the BPAY logo and is often referred to as 'Ref'.

Credit Card payments using BPAY:

Payments made to BPAY billers who accept Credit Card payments will be treated as normal Credit Card purchases. Some billers however, do not accept payments made with a Credit Card via BPAY. To make the payment you will need to pay with another transaction account. If your other account has insufficient funds you may choose to make a cash advance transfer Credit Card to a non-credit account.

BPAY View:

BPAY View allows certain billers to send bills online in NetBank and in the CommBank app.

We’ll send you an email or send a message to the CommBank app so you always know when a new bill arrives.

Note: You can only use your 4-digit CommBank App PIN for Telephone Banking if you are calling from a phone number that is linked to your account. 

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