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Protecting your accounts & information

Our security capabilities and team of experts work 24/7 to protect your accounts and information. Our range of tools and information can help you do the same.

CommBiz & NetBank security 

Conduct your business banking with confidence thanks to the advanced security features on CommBiz and NetBank

Security features for peace of mind

Businesses that use CommBiz can benefit from the added security of the NetLock USB device.  As long you are using NetLock and follow a few basic security precautions, we guarantee to refund losses as a result of fraudulent transactions.1

Practical cyber security for business

The cost of cybercrime to the Australian economy is increasing every year, and every day we hear stores from customers, including business customers, who are dealing with the financial and emotional costs of cybercrime.

In this special panel discussion, Keith Howard, Denis Moriarty and Professor Lesley Seebeck discuss the types of cyber threats that many businesses are facing, why it's important that businesses consider cyber security and practical, cost-effective steps businesses can take to improve their security.

Signals security report

Signals provides a summary of the cyber security landscape, featuring trends and observations derived from Commonwealth Bank’s Cyber Security Centre. Read the latest edition of Signals now.

Read the report

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Help protect your business

Equip you and your staff with our free cyber security eLearning 

While cyber security may seem daunting, there are steps businesses can take to protect themselves from this emerging risk.

We’ve created a free cyber security eLearning to equip you and your staff with the knowledge to help protect your business. The eLearning modules include guidance on email security, browsing the web, shopping and banking, password security, security on the move and email payment fraud.

Follow these steps to access the eLearning:

  1. Register through the link below.
  2. Download the EdApp mobile (iOS or Android) app through the App Store or Google Play StoreTM.
  3. Share the eLearning with your staff, simply send them the EdApp welcome email you’ll receive when you register. 

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Staying safe online

Scams that target businesses

Learn about the main types of scams your staff need to be able to recognise to protect your business.

Steps you and your staff can take

Keep your technology up-to-date

Consider installing:

  • Automatic updates for your software, which often have security features
  • Anti-virus software 
  • Software only from trustworthy suppliers, like the Microsoft Windows Store or Apple’s App Store

Also think about:

  • Limiting admin access on your computers, to control who can install new programs and change security settings
  • Encrypting your hard drives

Secure your office network

You may need professional help to: 

  • Change the default password for your router
  • Hide your office network so people don’t try to log in to your Wi-Fi
  • Create a guest mode for visitors, such as temporary staff, so they can use internet but not other services
  • Turn off features you don’t use to reduce vulnerability
  • List approved network devices, so you can remove access when it’s no longer needed

Keep safe in the cloud

When using cloud services like email or file storage, ensure you:

  • Understand where the service operates, the privacy laws it follows, if it shares data with third parties and how you'll be notified of service outages or security breaches
  • Set controls so staff have appropriate access
  • Confirm your provider encrypts your data, whether it’s sent and stored
  • Create local backups
  • Keep checking your provider is still suitable as your business grows

Merchant security hub

Fraud is on the rise, and can happen to any business that accepts payments. Learn the steps that you and your employees can take to help protect your business from merchant fraud. 

Visit merchant security hub

Cyber security info for business & corporate customers

We're committed to doing what we can to help our corporate customers and institutional partners stay safe in a connected world. To support this objective, we share our cyber security and privacy knowledge and insights at various events and through tailored information resources. We're also collaborating on projects with a range of institutions including universities, think-tanks and governments.

To find out more about any of these activities, contact Cyber Outreach for more information.

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Things you should know

See the CommBiz Security Guarantee in the CommBiz terms and conditions for more details.

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