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Learn more about how to manage your credit card

Lock, block, limit®

Lock, block, limit® is an Australian-first, award-winning security innovation exclusive to CommBank. It gives you the power to control your credit card transactions and enjoy extra security in real-time using the CommBank app or NetBank.

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Switch to online statements

Online statements offer a convenient way to manage your finances, help reduce paper clutter and ease the strain on the environment.

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Pay your credit card

There’s no need to wait in a queue when there are faster, easier ways to make your credit card repayments.

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Activate your card

You’ll need to activate and choose a PIN for your new card before you can use it.

It’s quick and easy to do this in NetBank.

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Set up AutoPay

With AutoPay, you can set up an automatic direct debit from your savings or transaction account to cover the full closing balance due each month, a set amount each month or the minimum amount due each month.

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Add an additional cardholder

Adding an additional cardholder is an easy way to share your CommBank credit card with a family member or friend. Find out how.

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Changing your credit card limit

You can apply to increase or decrease your credit card limit.

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Using your interest free period

To get the most out of your credit card, you need to understand how the interest-free period works.

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Credit card repayment calculator

By paying that little bit extra each month, you can pay off your credit card faster and pay less interest.

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Understanding your repayments

You might be looking for a new credit card or want to learn more about the different interest rates, fees and charges that may apply to your credit card. 

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Upgrade your credit card

Some CommBank credit cards offer even more features and benefits. Find out how to upgrade to one.

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CommBank Awards

Earn points quickly when you use your CommBank Awards credit card for daily spending, with no expiry on points. And redeem exclusively instore at Myer and Flight Centre or from over 1,000 Award items.

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Understanding your statement

Find everything you need to understand your credit card statement.

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