Throughout 2020, CommBank and its customers were there to support those Australians – individuals, businesses and communities – who suffered as a result of the 2019-20 bushfires. 

Customer donations have made a difference

  • To our customers that made a bushfire donation in the CommBank app, many thanks. Your donations have definitely made a difference. Collectively our customers raised over $2.9m for Australian Red Cross. This has contributed to:

    • Helping 49,718 Australians during the fires
    • Grants totalling $164m for 5,689 Australians to help them make ends meet, find a safe place to live, or assist with out-of-pocket funeral or hospital costs
    • Supporting 12,635 Australians through the Red Cross recovery program

    View further bushfire assistance updates from Australian Red Cross

    Figures above current as at 17 November 2020.

Red Cross assistance

See how Red Cross supported Marilyn

See how Red Cross assisted Swampy and Jack

Our support programs

  • In early January 2020, in addition to customer donations, here at CommBank we began a multi-layered approach to support communities and community organisations impacted by the crisis. Here’s what we did:

    • Bushfire Recovery Grants Program – more than 200 community organisations were supported with grants of up to $50,000 to replace lost or damaged equipment or support community wellbeing.
    • Australian Red Cross support – $1.25m donated through a corporate donation, and the purchase of Shane Warne’s Baggy Green at a charity auction.
    • Fiver4Fires National Staff Fundraising Day – $350,000 raised by CommBank staff participating in fundraising activities in support of Australian Red Cross. Every dollar was matched by the Bank, doubling the impact of their fundraising efforts.
    • Volunteer support – a number of our staff were on the front line as Volunteer Fire Fighters. In addition, some of our team provided corporate volunteering support to Australian Red Cross to help their surge in work.

More on how we've helped impacted communities

Bushfire recovery grants and support for community organisations

In January 2020, we launched a Bushfire Recovery Grant program. Grants of up to $50,000 were available to help support local communities.

The application process was open for six months to community organisations, fire services, schools, sporting clubs and other non-government organisations based in bushfire-affected areas.

In total, we’ve awarded more than 200 grants to organisations across Australia, such as the Picton Rural Fire Service – see how they’re using their Bushfire Recovery Grant. 

The CommBank Baggy Green Tour

  •  Shane Warne made his cherished baggy green available for auction to raise money for the bushfire appeal in January. CBA acquired the baggy green via a $1 million donation to the Australian Red Cross and took the cap on tour – visiting schools, cricket clubs, and community centres. It even made an appearance at The Australian Women’s Cricket Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on International Women’s Day earlier this year.
  • Following the CommBank national tour of Shane Warne’s baggy green to raise funds and boost the morale of Australians devastated by bushfires, the cap has now found a permanent home at Bradman Museum’s Baggy Green Exhibition in Bowral, NSW.

Our Emergency Assistance Packages

  • Here’s how our packages are supporting individuals & firefighters

    • Customised payment arrangements were made for home loan, credit card or personal loans
    • Waived fees and charges
    • Offered temporary overdrafts, additional loans or emergency credit limit increases (which were subject to credit approval)
    • Waived fees and notice periods for early access to term deposits
    • Other individual support options, including cash grants
    • For CommInsure customers, we assisted with emergency accommodation if homes had been damaged
    • Expedited claims to CommInsure for customers seeking help through their home, contents and car insurance
    • Provided information to our customers to help them make CommInsure claims
  • Here’s how our packages are supporting businesses

    • Offered loan restructuring for existing business loans
    • Considered requests for additional loans including emergency credit limit increases (which were subject to credit approval)
    • Waived fees for temporary and damaged merchant EFTPOS terminals, as well as merchant fees on EFTPOS terminals and e-Commerce facilities until trading recommenced
    • Waived fees and notice periods for early access to term deposits
    • Waived other selected fees and charges
    • Provided other additional assistance for businesses, including cash grants