Coping with the unexpected

Certain events may leave you needing help to get financially back on track:

  • Juggling expenses
  • Being out of work
  • Prolonged illness or injury
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Family violence
  • Natural disaster
  • Downturn in your business
    And more…

Our Financial Assistance Solutions teams have helped thousands of CommBank customers - from people who need help managing bills so they pay on time through to families struggling to make ends meet.

Call us on 13 3095 or request financial assistance in NetBank if you’re behind in paying what you owe. We work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs. Discover how missed or late payments may impact your credit report.

For business customers

If you are a business customer and have a business loan or a line of credit, call us on 13 26 07 and we'll work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

If you’re not in that position yet, there are other ways we can support you.

Our support teams can help you

Our Financial Assistance Solutions teams are here to support you to get back on your feet in times of financial difficulty.  

To do this we may ask you about your income and expenses (it helps us determine how we can best support you) and we could ask for other documents e.g. a medical certificate. Then together we can create a plan of action to get you back on track. Everything you tell us is confidential and assessed on a case-by-case basis. You can nominate someone to discuss your request for help if you prefer e.g. a financial counsellor.

Here’s more information about our processes (PDF) for assessing and providing you with financial assistance and the documents you may need.


Early Engagement team

Provide ways to get back on track if you can’t pay the minimum amount by the due date.  

Call 13 3095 between 8am – 9pm Mon-Fri and 9am – 2pm Sat (Sydney/ Melbourne time). Write to us at PO Box 790 Parramatta NSW 2124.

You can also request financial assistance in NetBank.

Financial Assist team

Find financial solutions to help you take back control especially if you can’t pay the minimum repayment at all.

Call 1300 720 814 between 8am – 9pm Mon-Fri and 9am – 2pm Sat (Sydney/ Melbourne time).

Write to us at PO Box 9823 Parramatta NSW 2150


Emergency Assistance

Immediate financial relief may be available for customers impacted by natural disasters or major events. Help may include waiving repayments, fees and charges, approving requests for additional loans, help with restructuring existing loans.

Call 1300 720 814 between 8am – 9pm Mon-Fri and 9am – 2pm Sat (Sydney/ Melbourne time).


You may also want to review any insurance policies you have with CommInsure to see if you have financial cover and get in touch with CommInsure if you do.

Domestic and Family Violence

As a CommBank customer you can access our Domestic & Family Violence Assistance Program to support you and your family leaving a domestic or family violence situation.

Call 1800 222 387, between 8am – 8pm Mon-Fri (Sydney/ Melbourne time) a confidential service run by independent, specialist counsellors. 


Business Financial Assistance team

For customers with business loans or lines of credit, if you're behind on your repayments or might have future difficulty in meeting financial commitments and need assistance. 
Call 13 26 07 any time.

Other ways to get help

It’s important when your financial circumstances change to talk to someone to get help, support and guidance. As well as calling us on 13 3095 between 8am – 9pm Mon-Fri and 9am – 2pm Sat (Sydney/ Melbourne time), you may also find these independent resources helpful:

It may also help to take a look at:

Things you should know

The Commonwealth Bank’s foundation Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) reflects our desire to better serve our customers and meet their needs. It brings together actions that demonstrate how we embed our vision and values in our business practice and will enable us to identify further opportunities for action.
Our foundation FIAP includes initiatives identified across four Action Areas of the FIAP program and in relation to four stakeholder groups. The result is a range of actions (PDF) that contribute to improved financial resilience and inclusive economic growth – especially for women.