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Houda Raoude, Team Leader, Direct Lending, explains how the cultural diversity of her team helps them better collaborate to serve their diverse customer base.

Networks you can count on

"Personal networks are really important here. You meet and work with so many different people with so many different experiences, talents and expertise that can help you later no matter what you might do or need to deliver. Whenever I need advice or to test out ideas for new system developments I can still rely on the people I know for real, down to earth and honest feedback."

Satinder Singh
Executive Director Payments & Cash ManagementInstitutional Banking and Markets

Creation through collaboration

"When I first approached my manager with the idea of setting up mentoring programs, it was seen as a great idea and something there was a genuine need for. Everyone was open and welcoming, but, more importantly, people were willing to take part to help make it happen. As a result it was relatively easy to set up the programs. I went out and worked with disability partner organisations in the community to find mentees and our own volunteering team were proactive in sourcing the mentors. In the end this ambitious project only took six weeks from concept to piloting the programs. That’s what happens when you have positive collaboration between many areas of CommBank."

Donna Purcell Diversity Manager

Donna Purcell
Diversity Manager

Donna Purcell

Rex Selwood, Manager Remediation, Risk Management gives his perspective on the importance of collaboration between mature workers and their younger colleagues.

Kai Yang

"When I’m building a team, what’s important to me is the diversity of culture. Different backgrounds increase the differences in angles of thinking, so variety in people capabilities is more important to the successful makeup of the team. It allows us to consider challenges from different perspectives to achieve much better outcomes and solutions."

Kai Yang
General Manager Balance Sheet & Specialist Advisory Service

Small ideas, big difference

The CommBank cross-Group-council was created to increase collaboration and build relationships

In her role as Head of Operations for Wealth Risk Management, Donna was involved in a large-scale restructuring project that had impacts across the business. It was during this time that she saw another example of teamwork in action. 

“During the project I’d consulted with many staff and picked up great ideas to increase collaboration and build relationships. One of our Executive Managers identified an opportunity for us to increase our team working and get closer to other Group Risk teams. The concept – to form a cross-Group council – was intended to increase collaboration and accountability, improve communication lines and engagement, as well as increasing understanding about our business, and about priorities for the Group.

“Of course it’s hard sometimes to sell the benefit of creating what is – to some people – another meeting, however there was lot of support from our Executive General Managers to make it work. Everyone realised its importance – the collaboration, building relationships, knowledge and understanding. It was about establishing foundations and good relationships so that we can achieve shared objectives."

Donna Worthington Head of Operations, Wealth Risk Management

Donna Worthington, Wealth Risk Management

Donna also explained that there are other benefits to this new approach to teamwork.

“We're going to go from a huge portfolio of conversations that would only happen by email, back to having face-to-face conversations, where decisions can be made quickly. It will really help productivity for our teams.

“It’s an amazing thing to see great ideas taken forward – it demonstrates how a small idea, when shared and supported, can change the way we operate."

Donna Worthington
Head of Operations, Wealth Risk Management