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Our workplace and you

Our focus is helping people and businesses move forward to make the right financial decisions and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Globally, we offer outstanding service, advice and intuitive solutions to help customers manage their finances in the way they want to.

Regardless of where you work within CommBank, your initiative, talent and energy all contribute to the impact that our work can make.

Read more about us and our approach to diversity, sustainability and the communities within which we live and work.

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Diversity and inclusion

You can be you

At CommBank, we are committed to providing a workplace where our people feel safe to be themselves, and which reflects the diversity and cultural richness of the communities we serve.

You can be you at CommBank. In fact we want you to be. It means you can better connect with your colleagues and focus all your energy on delivering great solutions for our customers.

Everyone has a part to play in creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace culture. We actively encourage our people to engage in the conversation and bring our diversity and inclusion ambitions to life through our employee diversity networks: Unity – LGBTI, Mosaic – Cultural Diversity and Enable – Disability.

Find out more about our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and some of the recognition we have received.


Unity is our vibrant LGBTI community and allies network. The network works on initiatives to foster a culture of inclusion and respect, empowering our people to bring their whole selves to work each day – regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Unity has had great success in raising LGBTI awareness and firmly entrenching itself across the Group, with networks established in every Australian state, as well as in London and Auckland. As a result, we are proud to be rated in the top 20 Australian organisations for LGBTI diversity and inclusion in 2013 on the Australian Workplace Equality Index by Pride in Diversity for 2013.

David Brine Executive Manager at CommBank & Unity Steering Group member

“‘Coming out’ at work is always a moment of truth, but I’ve only had better conversations with people when I’m honest about who I am. It helps to build real understanding between colleagues.

I feel safe to be myself in the workplace, and I’m excited by the opportunities CommBank gives me.”

David Brine Executive Manager at CommBank & Unity Steering Group member


Mosaic is our Cultural Diversity employee network, which is focused on embracing and leveraging cultural diversity to realize our business goals and ultimately help secure and enhance our customers’ financial wellbeing.

In order to achieve this, the Mosaic network provides thought leadership and supports CommBank’s cultural ambition through a wide range of initiatives, from an ambassadors program to training and even food festivals. These initiatives enable us to build awareness and respect of the diverse cultures of our employees, and take conversations about cultural diversity to the next level.

David Brine Executive Manager at CommBank & Unity Steering Group member

What our employees say...

“When I first arrived in Australia I thought I had to fit in, but I eventually realised that it was OK to be different. Now I focus on educating my colleagues on my own culture and values so that we can work better together.”

Asheeka Sharma, Executive Manager at CommBank & Mosaic Steering Group member.


Our Disability network, Enable, is committed to increasing awareness, inclusion and employment opportunities for people with disabilities at CommBank. With approximately 20 percent of the community having a disability, it is important that we provide equity and access to support both our people and customers who may have a disability.

The employee-led network creates opportunities to engage employees with disability and allies of people with disability to act as champions of change. They actively support managers who have a team member with a disability or who wish to recruit someone with a disability, and continue to raise awareness of our inclusive work culture amongst our employees and customers.

David Brine Executive Manager at CommBank & Unity Steering Group member

“To me, Enable means fulfilling employment for all able and willing employees regardless of disability. It’s about recognising that our community is made up of a diverse population and reflecting that in our employees. Most importantly, it’s about bringing together a diverse culture where we share ideas, experiences, abilities.” 

– Shari Cosgriff, General Manager, Business Service Centre and Enable Steering Group Member

Women Can

At CommBank, we’re proud to be an employer of choice for women. To mark International Women's Day 2014, we created “Women Can” to celebrate CommBank women.

Your career development

Your development

We are passionate about our people’s development. We continually strive to improve our extensive training and development solutions to develop and retain engaged, passionate and valued people.

Through a diverse range of education, experience and exposure opportunities the Group supports employees to develop in their roles and build a solid foundation for their future career with us.

The Group’s vision is supported by our commitment to improving organisational capability to support our long-term strategy through understanding the development needs of our people and a strategic focus on succession planning.

Our Talent Review process uses a systematic and rigorous methodology to assess the potential of the organisation’s leaders every 12 months.

Through the Talent Review process, we identify individuals who have potential to undertake more complex work or move to a more senior position, and development strategies are tailored to meet their needs. The Talent Review process also highlights individuals who will benefit from development in roles at their current level in the organisation.

Your performance

The Commonwealth Bank’s Performance Feedback and Review (PF&R) framework focuses on helping us achieve our vision and creating and growing a performance culture which engages people through:

  • Setting clear expectations linked to business objectives
  • Establishing a framework in which performance is assessed in a fair and objective manner
  • Links rewards and consequences to performance, and
  • Provides everyone with regular and timely feedback, and coaching to help improve performance and to develop for the future

Managers ensure that their people understand the goals and objectives of their work area and the wider business within which it operates. At the start of each year, managers set performance expectations with each member of their team based on a combination of outcomes and behaviours.

Regular feedback is important to ensure our people understand how they are progressing. In addition, a formal performance review discussion is held at least every six months. These discussions are essential to:

  • Review and assess performance on outcomes and behaviours
  • Review performance expectation, and
  • Identify development opportunities for continuous improvement

Our people have indicated that the opportunity for open and genuine two-way dialogue on their performance through the PF&R framework is valuable and productive.

Our support

We support our people wishing to enhance their professional development by providing assistance for tertiary study, career break, professional memberships and an extensive curriculum of internal and external learning programs.

We provide assistance to support the initiative of employees who wish to enhance their professional development, consistent with the ongoing and evolving needs of the Group, through tertiary study. Since 2008 the Commonwealth Bank has funded more than $4 million to employees through our Tertiary Study Assistance Program.  

Eligible employees are able to take a break from their normal duties for one to three years to study. They maintain contact with us during their break and, at the end of the period, they are able to return to work.

The Group supports employees wishing to maintain their professional status by providing assistance for professional memberships.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits

We offer one of the most comprehensive and generous employee benefits package in the industry.

  • Competitive pay: Our employees are rewarded with competitive salaries, superannuation and salary packaging options, including the option to salary sacrifice. Many positions also offer performance incentives
  • Employee share plan:  Our Employee Share Acquisition Plan (ESAP) recognises and rewards employees for their contribution to the organisation’s success. Under ESAP, eligible employees are entitled to receive up to $1,000 in Commonwealth Bank shares every year, subject to a performance target being met
  • Commonwealth Bank Group Super: Exclusively for current and former employees and their spouses, Commonwealth Bank Group Super is an award winning fund with over 65,000 members. Members can take advantage of lower fees and a choice of investment options
  • Banking benefits: Employees are offered lower interest rates on most banking products, bonus interest on investments such as term deposits, and reduced or no account transaction fees on many products
  • Service recognition: We recognise our long standing employees, celebrating one, five and 20 year anniversaries
  • Discounts and deals: Through ibuy, employees can access discounts on hotels, car hire and airfares, and deals on computers, entertainment and fitness
  • Corporate clothing: Our customer facing staff are provided with a Lisa Ho Corporate Collection starters pack and an annual corporate clothing allocation

Flexible work options

Balancing work and home life can be challenge at times. We encourage flexibility and diversity in the workplace through practices that recognise and respond to our people’s needs at different stages of their lives. Whether it is a permanent or one-time arrangement, we offer a range of flexible work options to help our employees achieve an optimal work/life balance.

  • Working part-time: Provides the flexibility to work fewer hours than a full-time job requires, while receiving pro rata full-time pay and conditions, such as annual leave entitlements
  • Job sharing: Enables two team members to voluntarily occupy one role. Generally, the duties and responsibilities are shared, but there is no standard way of dividing the working week
  • Flexible work arrangements: Employees can take advantage of flexible working hours, and work from home arrangements
  • Purchasing leave: Employees can purchase up to four weeks of additional leave over a 12 month period, providing a regular income throughout the year


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): We offer our employees and their immediate family access to a short-term confidential counselling service 
  • Parents: We provide employees with priority access to nominated childcare centres. We also offer a fringe benefits tax exemption, allowing employees to salary sacrifice childcare costs from one of our nominated childcare centres. Through Work|Life Links, additional free support and information is available for parents seeking alternative childcare arrangements
  • Nursing mothers: Our workplaces have Nursing Mothers’ Retreats for employees returning to work. They offer private, comfortable surroundings equipped with baby change facilities. These spaces are also available to visiting partners
  • Caring for others: Through our association with Carers Australia, support is available for employees with caring responsibilities. Work|Life Links also offers a range of services and information for employees providing care for family members with a disability or who are frail, aged or have a chronic condition

A healthy approach

Our Health and Wellbeing program offers a variety of services and initiatives.

  • Private health insurance: CBHS is a not-for-profit health fund for employees and their immediate family. CBHS has been providing a range of health cover options with competitive rates and generous benefits exclusively to employees and their immediate family since 1951
  • Workshops: We offer a range of health and wellbeing workshops covering topics such as stress management, exercise and fitness, nutrition, mental health and parenting. Employees are able to enrol in lifestyle programs, through online health and support tools, which provide a library of information on diet, nutrition, exercise, and mental and physical health
  • Discounts and deals: Through ibuy, employees can access a range of discounts on gym memberships and fitness equipment  
  • Mental Health Programs:  Mental health, particularly depression, is an area of focus in the Group’s diversity and wellbeing programs. We have entered into a partnership with The Black Dog Institute to deliver Effective Leadership in Mental Health programs to our people. This program consists of workshops specifically designed for the workplace, as well as supporting information

A safe place to work

We believe that the health and safety of our people, visitors, contractors, and customers is essential to our long-term success. We are committed to fulfilling corporate and legal health and safety responsibilities by implementing and maintaining policies, procedures and practices to provide a healthy and safe place of work.

The Work Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Management Systems apply to our workplaces and to our people who carry out work here.

Our commitment to the effective implementation of this Policy and comprehensive Health and Safety Management Systems, incorporating stringent targets and objectives aligned to our health and safety performance, will help us achieve an environment that is healthy and safe for all our people and all visitors to our workplaces. 

We will meet our commitment to health and safety by:

  • Acknowledging our legislative requirements and ensuring compliance as the minimum acceptable standard
  • Our Officers proactively implementing their health and safety due diligence requirements
  • Holding all levels of management responsible and accountable for the health and safety of people under their leadership
  • Implementing documented health and safety risk management processes for the control of workplace hazards that are consistent with the risk profiles of our workplaces and activities
  • Developing relevant and measurable objectives and targets across the Group to ensure continuous improvement aimed at the elimination of work related injury and illness
  • Providing information, training, instruction and supervision to our people to ensure they have the skills and competencies required to safely undertake their roles
  • Effectively disseminating relevant health and safety information to all our people and visitors
  • Where relevant providing consultative arrangements to ensure our people and other key stakeholders have constructive input into the decision making processes impacting on work health and safety.
  • Carrying out thorough investigations of incidents and injuries, and for applicable jurisdictions maintaining a fair and equitable claims management process for the rehabilitation of injured parties
  • Ensuring we comply with its legislative obligations to ensure that all contractual arrangements entered into for the supply of goods and services include provisions for compliance with work health and safety requirements
  • Regularly reviewing the performance of, and continuously improving, the Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Measuring and reporting health and safety performance on a regular basis
  • Ensuring adequate resources and expertise are provided for the implementation of this Policy and the underlying management systems

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, this Policy will be reviewed biennially in consultation with a number of key stakeholders, most importantly our people. 

The review will take into account legislative changes, improvements in ‘best practice’ and reconfirm our commitment to health and safety.