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How we support mums in the workplace

How we support mums in the workplace

Nothing is more important than family – that’s why we provide mums and dads with the support they need to thrive at work without sacrificing family time.

Nearly 60% of our employees are women, and 44.4% are employed in management positions or higher. Many are also mums. So we make sure we provide mums (as well as dads) with the resources and support they need to help balance their work and home lives.

Here are five of the ways we support mums in our workplace:

1. We offer paid parental leave: Taking time out of work for family can create financial disadvantage – especially for women who take 95% of primary parental leave. CommBank offers 12 weeks of paid parental leave for the primary care giver, and four weeks for the secondary carer. We also pay the primary care giver a $1,500 return-to-work benefit and pay super for 52 weeks so their retirement savings don’t suffer. We also support and encourage dads to take time off to share the responsibilities of childcare.

2. Staff are still eligible for promotions while on leave: Mothers on parental leave are still eligible for a promotion – like Nikki Graham, who was promoted to a senior retail operations position while on parental leave.

3. We help make finding childcare easier: Our Sydney CBD has four childcare centres, and our Sydney Olympic Park workplace has one – and all offer long-day childcare places for children aged 0 to 5 years. What’s more, our people can salary sacrifice the fees at these centres to reduce their childcare costs.  We also help our people find care for their children through our external, confidential resource service: Work/Life Links.

4. We make nursing mothers comfortable at work: We’ve made it easier for nursing mums to come back to work by putting Nursing Mothers’ Retreats in our workplaces. These facilities offer mothers a private, comfortable surrounding with baby change facilities and are available to both our people and their visiting partners.

5. Our workplace is flexible: School holidays, a sick child, parent-teacher meetings, a child’s concert or a sporting event are just some of the reasons parents need flexibility at work. To help with this, we offer our people flexible options, from part-time work with pro-rata full-time pay and annual leave to flexible working hours and work from home arrangements.

Some of our people with children choose to job share – like Kym McGuire and Lucy Foster, who currently share an Executive Manager, Wealth Management strategy role.

Sharing the role means they can spend more time with their children while they progress their careers. With job sharing, because one person is always present at work, the other doesn’t need to check emails or take calls on days off – so they can enjoy uninterrupted quality time with their families.

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