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Saving money on your mortgage

Buying your own home is likely to be one the largest purchases you’ll ever make. For most of us, it means taking out a loan that will take a number of years to pay off. So choosing your loan as carefully as you choose your home makes sense. And once you’ve taken out your mortgage, it pays to make the most of it.

Whether you’re already paying off a mortgage, or shopping around for the best loan for your circumstances, there are ways that you can reduce the amount of interest you pay and shorten the life of your loan. We’ve put together some of the top tips below. 

Top 5 tips

1.       Get the best rate. Getting the best rate doesn’t necessarily mean going with the cheapest lender. You can get up to 0.7% p.a. off your interest rate with a package, which generally applies for loans of $250,000 and over. If you’re living in a capital city, chances are you’re borrowing at least that much. And if you already have a mortgage, check to see that you’re getting the best possible deal.

2.       Choose the right mortgage. Choosing the right mortgage means more than just the lowest interest rate. You may be willing to pay a slightly higher rate for the flexibility to make extra repayments, take repayment holidays or access an offset account. If you’re likely to use these features to save on your mortgage, the longer term financial benefits may outweigh slightly higher interest rates.

3.       Make lump sum repayments. Using a windfall such as a tax return to pay a lump sum into your mortgage can make a big difference. It reduces the principal amount that the interest is calculated on, and means you pay less interest on your loan overall. Check out our Home loan calculator to work out how much you could save.

4.       Pay more. Paying just a little extra with each payment can save you a significant amount over time. You can use our Home loan calculator to chart the interest and time you’ll save on your mortgage. And when interest rates fall, if you maintain your existing payments, you’ll be effectively paying off extra with no apparent sacrifice.

5.       Choose fortnightly repayments. When you make a half-month’s repayment every two weeks, you’re actually making an extra month’s repayment per year (26 fortnights rather than 24 half-months), cutting interest and years off your loan.

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Important information

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