Why are there no links in your NetBank emails?

Customers regularly ask us why we don’t put links in NetBank emails. Other companies use it to make it easier for customers to get to features and information so why doesn’t NetBank?
Click on the two links below:

As you can see it’s easy to make a link that says one thing (Commonwealth Bank) but takes you to another page (Google). Cyber-criminals use this technique try and trick you into handing over your private information.

A typical example would that you get an urgent email asking you to update your contact details before your account is suspended. A link takes to you a page that looks like a legitimate Commonwealth Bank page but is actually a phishing site that is designed to capture your personal information such as user ids, passwords and card details.

These cyber-criminals then use the information you have provided on the phishing site to login to the genuine NetBank website as you.

So how do I protect myself from phishing?

  • By not clicking on any links in emails claiming to be from the Commonwealth Bank!
  • Login to NetBank directly at www.netbank.com.au – never access NetBank via links from emails or third-party sites.
  • If you are unsure check My Inbox in NetBank – a genuine message will also have a copy there.
  • Regularly check our security center for up to date information regarding hoax emails and scams.

The Australian Government’s SCAM Watch website has a great example of a phishing email and explains what the cyber criminals are trying to do.