Online fraud examples

Hoax emails

These emails are sent to bank customers with the purpose of capturing confidential banking information such as password and login details, card and bank account details. Once this information is captured, it is used to access a customer's internet banking facility and their banking accounts.

Whilst these emails look genuine, they are fraudulent and should be deleted immediately. The Commonwealth Bank does not send emails requesting you to confirm, update or disclose your confidential banking information.

An example of a hoax email:

Dear Commonwealth Bank user

In our efforts to offer a competitive service and to maintain a reliable database server, we are performing a regular monthly update on every account enrolled with us. In order to confirm your account and to preserve the account stability, you are required to login to your account using the following link below:

This procedure is performed one time only and it does not require further actions on the customer side. After the account has been confirmed by logging in, your regular daily actions on Commonwealth Bank Online website can be continued.

This is an automated message, no reply or confirmation is required on the receiver side.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia 2005 ABN 48 123 123 124


Computer viruses and spyware

By surfing the web or clicking on emails (including hoax emails), your computer can be infected by particular viruses which install malicious software on your computer. This software captures keystroke data, or exploits vulnerabilities within operating systems that can be used to capture logon data.

An example of a hoax email which may install spyware on your computer if you have clicked on the email link is shown below:

Hello, I've accidently found your photo at a flickr and i'm very interested in it. Can you tell me what place i can see in the background of it? With Best regards uqtu


To assist in combating keyloggers, always keep your anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software up to date.

Email employment scams / Internet Job Scams

Australian consumers are being targeted (via chat rooms or email) by fake overseas companies to act as money transfer agents. Victims of this scam are asked to provide their bank account details to prospective employers with the view to facilitate transfer of funds to overseas parties. In return the 'employees' are compensated by a commission payment. However the funds transferred have been obtained fraudulently.

Be cautious regarding this type of scam, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Never provide bank account details to any prospective employer until you are satisfied with the bona fides of that employer and/or you have signed contracts of employment.

Some examples of email employment scams:

Subject: Top vacancy!


My name is ***** ****** I am the manager of a Human Recourses department of *****. I'd like to offer a perfect vacancy for you. The vacancy of a Financial manager working with private individuals.

Let me give you some facts about our company first:
****** was registered back in 1993. The primary focus of ****** is international finance services, mainly through the Internet and other communicative channels. The corporation is interested in working on the markets of all countries without exceptions and sees promotion of its services through the network of representatives (independent investment consultants) working as private individuals or resident company employees as most effective. We also provide a full range of financial services to companies and to individuals as well. Additionally, we grant credits to individuals and companies on the international level, and this list of our services and opportunities is far from being complete.

So today, we are glad to offer you to:

• become a part of our company
• join a team of highly qualified specialists
• get a prestigious part time job
• earn a real fortune

The main advantages of working as a Financial manager dealing with private individuals are:

• You don't need any experience or specific knowledge
• You don't need to make any advance payments
• This job won't take much of your time.

Your range of duties will include:

• Receiving payments for the ordered stocks and bonds from the ****** clients (private individuals) to your bank account
• Withdrawing the funds and transferring them further to our brokers in one of the countries where the desirable stocks and bonds should be bought

The transfer should be done by the means of Western Union or Money Gram services to fasten the process of the delivery of the funds.
Your SALARY is 8% commission out of every deposit that you receive to your bank account.

If you are interested in this job and would like to get more information, you are welcome to visit our website:

Or you can just write an email to us, and our managers will give a prompt and competent reply.

We are looking forward to working with you!
Your email was given by 3rd party website ****** on our request, as you or someone else subscribed to a job opportunities newsletter.
I apologize if this email reached you by mistake. In that case, please be so kind to delete it.

Yours faithfully***********


Subject: Executive vacancy

Good Day,

We are currently looking for a Regional assistants to join our team in Australia and UK for part-time position.

The ideal candidate will have at least 1 year experience in managing IT Software Development projects or financial operations activity. They manage the creation and delivery of discrete deliverables directly to vendors as well as providing leadership, assistance and advice to customers.

They are responsible for their overall program plan, budget, structure, schedule and staffing requirements with a major emphasis on management and coordination tasks.
They help manage customer and third-party vendor resources while ensuring good practices in standard methodologies and processes are used throughout the engagement to deliver sales solutions.
They help deliver the financial part of the projects in time.
The manager will operate in a schedule to ensure the successful completion of the projects.
The assistants will act as the customers' and vendors' single point of providing financial operations for their projects and must be able to report project status on a pre-determined cycle.
Contact ***** ****** for additional information regarding the vacancy ******.
Thanks for your attention!


Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when an unscrupulous person gathers enough information about you to successfully impersonate you online, by mail, over the telephone, or in person. This information can then be used to conduct business in your name - for example, opening bank accounts, setting up loans or arranging access to internet banking. Ensure that when disposing of correspondence containing personal information it is destroyed properly or shredded.

Eavesdropping when using a wireless connection

When accessing the internet using a wireless connection there is a risk that the information being submitted could be accessed by a third party within range of the connection. To prevent this ensure your wireless connection is encrypted (for assistance check the help guide that comes with your wireless software).

Important information

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