Accessibility goal

Our Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy 2024–2026 (PDF) sets out our goal to design inclusive products, services, experiences and workplaces that provide equitable access and dignity for all our customers, people and communities. We call this ‘dignity by design’.

To guide us, we have developed a strategic ecosystem with three core pillars – mindset, maturity and metrics:

  • Mindset: foster an environment that embodies genuine inclusivity and disability confidence
  • Maturity: enable and expect our people to integrate accessibility principles into their work
  • Metrics: have appropriate controls and measures in place to safeguard our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

11 strategic focus areas connect to each core pillar. Each of these areas describe where we focus our efforts and help guide the initiatives we are delivering over 2024–2026.

A diagram of the ecosystem consisting of three concentric circles. In the centre circle are the words 'dignity by design'. Working out from the centre, the second circle is evenly divided into three coloured sections - one for each pillar. The first pillar is 'mindset'. The second is 'maturity'. The third is 'metrics'.

The outer circle contains 11 focus areas, positioned next to their pillars. The 'mindset' pillar is linked to the focus areas 'mindset and focus', 'representation', 'culture', and 'alignment'. The 'maturity' pillar is aligned with the focus areas 'awareness', 'flexibility', 'infrastructure', 'capability', and 'responsibility'. The 'metrics' pillar has the focus areas 'controls' and 'measuring impact'.

We're here to help

Message us

CommBank messaging is a convenient and quick way to get the support you need.

Message us through the help section in the CommBank app. Our virtual assistant, Ceba can answer your questions instantly or connect you with a specialist. You can access Ceba through the chat icon in the CommBank app (on your phone).

You can also chat to Ceba in NetBank (on your desktop). Ceba has been improved by the feedback of digital accessibility experts, and individuals with a range of different needs.

Find out more about CommBank messaging or download the CommBank app to get started.


You can call us on 13 2221 from 8am to 8pm AEST, or through the CommBank app. Our Contact us page also has a list of numbers for specific types of enquiries (including overseas calls).

If you’re deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can message us in the CommBank app or the National Relay Service can help you to speak with us over the phone:

In branch

If you’d rather speak to us in person, you are welcome to visit us visit us at your local branch

Complaints and compliments

If  you're not satisfied with the accessibility of our products or services, it's important we hear about it so we can make things right.

Likewise, we love to hear about your positive accessibility-related experiences and when someone in our team makes things easier, quicker or special for you.

Complete our complaints and compliments form, to let us know.

  • For complaints, select the product or service then “Digital services issues” then “Inaccessible service”
  • For compliments, select “Accessibility” after the privacy notice

Services available to customers

Customers can request to receive their account statements and other CommBank documents (e.g. loan contracts) in Braille, audio CD, large font (size 18pt) or e-text format.

You can visit one of our branches or call us on 13 2221 from 8am to 8pm (Sydney/Melbourne time) to request or opt out of receiving account statements and other documents in Braille, audio CD, large font or e-text format.


Interpreter services

If English isn’t your first language, the government’s free Translating and Interpreter Service can help you to communicate with us. This service is available in over 150 languages. We can arrange this service when you call us or visit us in branch.

Find out how to access this service in:

Easy English documents

We’ve translated a number of our key information and fact sheets into Easy English. These documents provide understandable and concise information. They are for people with low English literacy levels.

Avoiding financial abuse

Elder financial abuse can take many forms and happen to anyone. Safe & Savvy is a guide to help older people avoid abuse, scams and fraud.


Helpful resources

Branches, ATMs & payments


All our branches are equipped with our Equal Access Toolkit to help make banking easier for people who may need an adjusted experience when they bank with us.

It includes a range of practical tools, including signature guides, magnifying glasses, communication boards, high-contrast pens, clipboards and keyboards. Learn more about the Equal Access Toolkit.

Many of our branches have best practice accessible features, such as:

  • Ramp access
  • Wheelchair turning circles
  • A concierge to meet customers at the entrance, and direct you around to ensure you can complete your banking safely.

We’ve also worked with accessibility experts and customers to improve access to our branches. Some of the changes that we now include during our branch refurbishments are:

  • Simplified signage so more of our customers can understand it
  • Switching to matte surfaces (it can be difficult to read signs on shiny surfaces)
  • Adding braille signage on our ATMs and outside our branches with our opening hours
  • Incorporating hearing loops at both telling and customer service points
  • Adding height-adjustable desks
  • Ensuring there is room for wheelchair turning circles throughout all customer and staff areas.

ATMs and payments

  • All our ATMs have touchscreen technology and are audio-enabled – plug in your earphones to get started.
  • You can make secure, cashless payments using your compatible phone or wearable.
  • Our Smart EFTPOS terminal provides a number of ways for people who are blind or low vision to complete a transaction. These methods include tapping the card, swiping or inserting the card, and using tactile indicators to enter a PIN.
  • We are ensuring that all our new to market touchscreen Point of Sale (POS) devices will be optimised for accessibility.

Digital banking & contactless payments

We're committed to making sure all our digital banking products are accessible, including the website, NetBank and CommBank app.

We strive to meet the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA, and have a roadmap of changes underway to enhance our website and digital experiences. 

We also offer safe and secure contactless payment options, so that you don’t need to rely on having a physical card on you to pay.

Our people

  • Enable Network

    ENABLE is an employee network that raises awareness of people with disability through lived experiences. They inform our strategies, policy and processes to enable accessible solutions for our customers and people.

    ENABLE focuses on:

    • Inclusion opportunities: Increasing awareness and fostering an inclusive workplace where employees with disability are treated equally and feel safe to be themselves
    • Employment opportunities: Looking at ways to increase employment and development opportunities for people with disability
    • Engagement: Creating opportunities to engage employees with disability, advocates and champions of change.
  • Recruitment process

    Thinking of joining us? As part of the application process, you’ll have an opportunity to share any accessibility requirements and will have access to reasonable adjustments.

    We also support RecruitAbility, a scheme for candidates who:

    • have a disability, and
    • meet the minimum requirements of the role they apply for.

    It ensures that these candidates are provided the opportunity to progress to the next stage of the assessment and selection process for that role.

  • Health and wellbeing

    We offer a number of health and lifestyle opportunities, to provide our employees with the support and assistance they require. These include:

    • Flexible working arrangements
    • Gender-neutral parental leave
    • Counselling services
    • Domestic and family violence workplace support
    • A health and wellbeing program.

Our plan

Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy

Our Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy 2024–2026 (PDF) is our public commitment to accessibility and inclusion. It outlines the achievements that we made under the 2021-2023 plan, and the steps we’re taking now.

You can also read the Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy 2024–2026 in Easy English (PDF). This version provides easy to understand and concise information for people with low English literacy.

Accessibility Principles for Banking Service

In 2023, we welcomed the release of the Accessibility and Inclusion Principles for Banking Services (PDF) by the Australian Banking Association. These principles are embedded into our processes, to help ensure that our products and services are accessible and inclusive.

You can also read the Accessibility and Inclusion Principles for Banking Services (DOC) as a Word document.

Australian Network on Disability

We continue to work with community-based disability organisations. For example, we have increased the Group’s membership level with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) from Bronze to Gold.