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General information about CommBiz

Can I use CommBiz if I am currently a NetBank user ?
You can use either NetBank or CommBiz, although CommBiz is better suited to a business where payments need to be authorised by more than one person, they are of a high value or where a business requires permission controls over who can make payments or see specific account information.

Can I have my personal account included in my CommBiz service?
Yes, although standard CommBiz fees will apply.

How do I get the user manual and is there training?
There is no user manual, although there is online help available on each CommBiz page. So you can learn about CommBiz at your convenience we have also added a number of tutorials and ‘show me’ demonstration movies for specific CommBiz functions.

Can I select a specific task within CommBiz without clicking through all the tabs to find it?
A specific selection from the site map will take you there directly.

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How to apply for CommBiz

How can I apply for a CommBiz service?
You can apply for CommBiz online by completing the application form at Once you have completed the online application, saved and printed the documentation it will need to be signed by the authorisers assigned to each account and authorised organisation signatories. The documents are to be then mailed to the Bank for processing, at the address shown on the application screen.  

Where do I send my signed application form?
Send the signed CommBiz application form to: CommBiz Reply Paid 332 Silverwater NSW 2128.

What information do I need to send the Bank?
In the application form you will need to nominate and send us details of the accounts you wish to register on your CommBiz service, information about the people you would like to authorise payments on those accounts and some details about your business. We have prepared a checklist and a worksheet that you can use to gather all your information before you start on your CommBiz application.   

Do I need to visit a branch?
In most instances, if you hold an existing Commonwealth Bank account you will not require a visit to a branch. You will only need to visit a branch if we do not have on our records the signatures of you or your authorisers. If you do need to visit a branch for identification purposes you will need to supply information to satisfy the Bank’s identification criteria.

Who in my business must sign the CommBiz application form?
Each authoriser assigned to authorise transactions must sign the application document. The application document must be signed by a person with the approved authority to act on behalf of the business. This may be a company director or the owner or a partner.

How long will it take for me to be setup once I submit my application?
Once you have completed and submitted your application and sent your signed application forms, the Bank will verify the details and enable your service. We will then courier the requested number of security tokens and send the password mailers to all your nominated users. This process can take 7 to 10 days from the time you post your application documents, depending on mail delivery and your location. If there are errors or missing information we will be in touch to ask you to resolve errors or submit the missing details. This will delay the processing of your application.

What happens if I need to get more information to complete the online application?
You can save your application form online and it will be available for 60 days from the date you first created the application. To access and complete the online application you will need a username and password. If you started the application, these will be the username and password you created, or if the application was initiated by the Bank for your migration, then the username and password that the Bank supplied.

What happens if I make a mistake or need to change something in my application after I’ve sent it to the Bank?
If you have submitted your online application you will need to submit a maintenance request once we have enabled your service and your administrator has activated their login and token.

What is the difference between an administrator and an authoriser?
An administrator has the permission to change certain parameters and profiles within your CommBiz service. This includes the permission to setup users’ access rights to accounts, reset some passwords and lodge maintenance requests to the Bank to add or remove accounts and authorisers.  An authoriser is permitted to approve payments to a defined dollar amount for the specific accounts established in the electronic account authority. Each authoriser can have different accounts for which they can authorise payments.

How many administrators do I need?
For the Custom Registration mode, you may choose to have one or two administrators to approve changes made to users or roles in your CommBiz service. If you choose to have two administrators to approve these changes, the minimum required number of administrators is two, but you may add more than two administrators to act as a backup in case of an extended absence.

For the Express Registration mode, the default option is one authorised user required to perform profile changes. In this case the minimum required number of authorised users is one, but you may add more than one authorised user to act as a backup in case of an extended absence.

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General security

What system security is in place for CommBiz?
All CommBiz sessions are connected to your computer system through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) using the industry standard 128 bit encryption.

Security tokens, that generate a one-time password (OTP), are used in addition to the standard password and login ID access. Tokens are assigned to authorisers and administrators you have registered to your service.

Authorisers have the ability to authorise transactions with the one-time password (OTP) generated by their token. Administrators are provided with tokens to enable them to make changes to the service and the profile of the users. This provides a method to control access to accounts, viewing transaction information and the ability to perform certain functions within the service. 

You can also request all users regardless of their profiles to be required to have a security token to access your CommBiz service.

The system has various timeout features to automatically lock the screen of a user or log out the user from the service. These events occur if the user has left their screen for a period of time, the user has logged on at another computer, or they have not returned to the original computer.

An online audit log of user information and actions is recorded with a date and timestamp. This information can be printed from the Admin section, using the audit report function.

How can I reset my password?
This can be done online through a series of questions that will be asked of the user, or with the assistance of your administrator.  This does not need to be done by the Bank. To reset your password now, go to

Can I limit the access times to CommBiz for my individual users?
Your administrator can restrict the days and times that each individual user can access your CommBiz service.

Do I have to log in and out of CommBiz if I am not using the service for a period of time?
No but if your user has been inactive in the service for more than 15 minutes then your access session will be timed out and you will be required to login again to re-activate your session.

How soon after completing the process through My Security Centre can I access my CommBiz service?
It is an automatic update to your user profile so access will be immediate.

How do I get to My Security Centre to make any user changes?
The URL is

What functionality does My Security Centre provide?
You can change your CommBiz login ID, your login password, activate your security token and reset security questions.

What happens if I am unable to make any user changes to my profile through My Security Centre?
You must refer all user profile issues to your administrator who will be able to assist you.

Why does My Security Centre tell me that I can't create a login with my own name?
All login IDs are unique. Another user (from either your own or another service) will have already created this login. You may like to consider an alphanumeric alternative i.e. JohnSmith123.

Does my login password expire and if so when will I know to reset it?
No. You are not forced to change your password on a regular basis although it is good practice to do so. Instances where you are required to change your password are when your password has been reset or it is your first ever login to CommBiz.

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About tokens

Why do I need a security token as well as a user ID and password?
A security token gives you an additional level of security and makes sure that only people that have one can access the secured CommBiz functions within your service.

What types of security tokens are there and what is the difference between the two?
There are two types of tokens:

  • Physical - a separate device you carry with you
  • eToken - accessed via the CommBiz app

Who needs to have a token?
Each person that is registered as an authoriser, administrator or authorised user.

Can the tokens be shared with different people?
Tokens are assigned to individuals.


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What's an eToken?
CommBiz eToken performs the same function as a physical CommBiz token, without the need to carry around a physical token. Activate it with a 4 digit PIN.

Who's eligible to use eTokens?
Anyone who is identified within CommBiz, has a role that requires a token, does not access multiple services via the one log in, and has a device they can download the CommBiz mobile app on. 

How do I get eToken?
Call CommBiz helpdesk on 13 2339. Once they have set your service up for eToken you can download the CommBiz mobile app and activate eToken by following these steps.

Can I have an eToken and physical token at the same time?
Only if they are for different services. You're not able to have both for the same service. 

Can my service have a mix of eToken and physical tokens users?
If you're switching to eToken, any user who activates eToken on their app will deactivate their physical tokens.
If you're using a physical token, don't activate eToken on your app to continue as normal.

If your service was registered with eToken when you signed up, all new users on the service will default to eToken. You can still order a physical token for any token user by calling CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339.

I access multiple services via the one log in, can I have eToken?
Merged users aren't eligible for the CommBiz app and eToken.

Can I have multiple eTokens for different services if they have separate log ins?
To have more than one eToken, you need to register the CommBiz app on different devices. For security reasons, each device is linked to a unique user profile and service.

Can I activate eToken on multiple devices all linked to the same service?
You're unable have eToken activated on multiple devices linked to the same service.

What if I don’t have a company issued mobile device?
You can use eToken on any mobile device that can support the CommBiz mobile app, or you can use a physical token instead.

Can I generate a token offline?
Token passwords can be generated when offline, in airplane mode or when travelling without access to WiFi.

How do I activate and use eToken?
Follow the steps in our eToken user guide.

What happens if I replace my phone?
Call the CommBiz helpdesk on 13 2339 to reprovision your device. Then reinstall eToken on your new device.

Can I switch to using a physical token?
Call the CommBiz helpdesk on 13 2339 and they'll send you out a new physical token. Once it's activated in My Security Centre your eToken will be disabled on your device.

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Physical tokens

Are physical tokens reusable?
The tokens are permanently disabled when the user is removed from CommBiz, or if they activate an eToken. You should dispose of the token when this occurs.

Do I need to return the physical security token if an authoriser leaves my company? Can I give it to another person?
You'll need to dispose of it thoughtfully. Your administrator can remove a user from your CommBiz service. This means the security token linked to that user is permanently disabled.

I already have a physical token for the Business FX service. Can I use the same token?
CommBiz and Business FX are two different services offered by the Bank. The tokens are programmed specifically for each service.

My job requires me to access different services which have been setup for my organisation. Do I need a different physical security token for each of my CommBiz services?
CommBiz allows each user to be able to link one individual physical security token against multiple CommBiz services.  Contact the CommBiz Help Desk for more information on how to setup new or consolidate existing physical tokens across multiple services.

How do I ensure my token is the right one when there are two people in the organisation with the same name?
A name can only be registered once within a CommBiz service. Differentiation of names (e.g. middle name) will be required if two people have the same name within an organisation.

What happens if I misplace, lose or break my physical security token?
If you misplace your physical security token it can be suspended until you find it. If it's lost or if it doesn't work anymore it must be deactivated by the CommBiz Help Desk. Your administrator can order a replacement token.

What is My Security Centre and why am I being directed to it when I log in to CommBiz?
My Security Centre is the tool that allows an individual user to maintain their own user profile. You will be directed here at your first login to CommBiz to activate your service and token (if applicable).

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Fees & charges

How much does CommBiz cost?
Refer to the rates & fees section for CommBiz fees in the terms and conditions document.

Am I charged for transfers between my own accounts that have been established within the CommBiz service ?
There are no CommBiz fees for transfers, although other account fees may apply.

Do I have to pay a fee to replace any lost, damaged or stolen security tokens?
There are currently no fees associated with security tokens.

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Systems and technical

Do I need to install software?
No. The CommBiz service is browser based and as such does not require software to be loaded. CommBiz can be used on any compatible computer. You are not tied to a specific computer.

Can I use my existing Internet connections?
CommBiz has been designed to work, using dialup or broadband Internet connections. Due to the higher speed and performance of broadband, you will enjoy a better experience.

I currently use the file formats in Diammond or QuickLine to transfer payables and receivables files; are these the same format in CommBiz?
Yes, they are the same formats.

How can I make CommBiz faster on my computer?
Installing the latest web browser can improve CommBiz access and speed. Your vendor will periodically issue updates and service packs for your operating system and web browser to improve their product's security and performance. Installing these updates may improve your access to CommBiz. The speed of CommBiz is also dependent upon a number of factors outside of the control of the Bank, including the speed of your computer processor; the amount of memory you have installed in your computer (RAM); the speed, quality and reliability of your Internet connection.

Why do I receive a security warning saying, 'This page contains secure and unsecure information', when I try to access CommBiz?
The security warning that you receive when attempting to access CommBiz is a result of the browser, operating system and security setting combination you have on your PC. The unsecured items that this message is warning you about are graphics. Your security will not be compromised in any way if you allow the unsecure items within the CommBiz pages to be downloaded. The main reason we have not secured these items is to increase access speed to CommBiz. Every CommBiz session is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The locked padlock symbol in the bottom right area of the browser indicates that the SSL connection has been made between your computer and the Bank's system.

Can CommBiz be accessed through my organisation’s network?
Yes. The security settings of your network and firewall configurations may cause restrictions on accessing some internet sites. Your IT support person should be consulted.

How do I set my browser so it does not cache secured pages?
You can set your browser so that it doesn't cache secured pages. This will ensure that your secure information is not retained on your local hard drive when you end your CommBiz session and close your browser. This is particularly important if other people access your computer or you are using a PC in a public place such as a library or Internet café. See your browser’s Help function for setting details.  Please note: Not caching secured pages may affect the performance of CommBiz as each page will need to load from the server when accessed.
To set Windows Internet Explorer not to cache pages:

  1. Select Tools from the toolbar
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Select the Advanced tab
  4. Scroll down to the Security section
  5. Check the box "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

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Using CommBiz transaction functions

How long is my account data stored in CommBiz?
You can access account transaction history for up to 15 months.

How do I export a transaction file?
Exporting and importing files are done in the File Transfer function.

How many characters can I input in the description field?
12 characters including spaces

How do I stop the processing of a payment file or transaction group that has already been authorised?
Depending on when the payment file or transaction group was authorised you may be able to recall the file. CommBiz will determine if this is possible and a message detailing the success or failure of the request will be displayed.

What is a trace account and why do I have to input the details?
A trace account is the account where your funds will be returned to if for any reason your payment could not be processed by the Bank.

How do I store recurring payment and account details?
The template functionality will allow you to store recurring transaction type details. You can also schedule payments over a period of time to end on a specific date or after a specified number of times.

How can I determine who has created or authorised a transaction group?
There are several audit log functions which will allow the administrator to verify account permissions, functional permissions, transaction permissions and the login history against a user.

Will CommBiz work with MYOB or Quicken or other accounting packages?
Yes. There are import and export tools in the File Transfer function that help you import files into, or export files from, CommBiz. These are available in various formats which can then be interfaced with your accounting package.

CommBiz works in real-time. Does this mean that everything I do is instantly processed?

This depends on the function you are trying to perform. Your account balance will update in real time as will transfers between your own accounts in CommBiz, although third party payments to CommBank or other bank, building society or credit union accounts are still subject to the inter-bank cut-off times. Fast Payment is not subject to cut-off times, but security checks and holds may apply. All maintenance requests will be processed pending the receipt of the associated documentation.

How do I remove an account from my CommBiz facility?
An administrator can disable the account by following these steps: Admin > Service > Service Profile > Accounts > Edit > Uncheck "enable" > Save and Activate.

If I close my account will I still have access to Transaction History and Balance History?
Yes, until the account is removed from your service.

How long does information stay in the Export File Status List?
The files will be available up to 10 days. The date the file is to be deleted will be displayed in the file export window.

Can I change the sort order of the accounts in my drop down lists?
No, the drop down lists are sorted by account number and this cannot be changed.

How do I cancel a transaction group I've sent in error?
If the transaction has been authorised, see the answer for the question below. If not, an authoriser can decline the transaction group.

How do I stop, cancel or recall an already authorised (non-scheduled or scheduled) transaction?
If the transaction is already authorised, check whether it is still possible to recall it using the Transaction Group Status List . If the recall button is active, you can click it to recall the transaction. If it is not active, it means that the transaction has already been sent for processing and it can no longer be stopped.

If I make a Direct Credit to an account at another financial institution, when will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Direct Credits ’to’ and ‘from’ other financial institutions are not instantaneous. If you complete a Direct Credit via CommBiz to other Australian financial institutions before 6pm (Sydney time) on a business day, the funds will generally be available in the recipient's account on the next business day.

If you make a Direct Credit via CommBiz to another Australian financial institution after 6pm (Sydney time) on a business day, or on a weekend/public holiday, it can take up to 2 business days to appear in the recipient's account.

If I make a Priority Payment to an account at another financial institution, when will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Priority Payments enable you to make urgent same day payments to any Australian financial institution. If you complete a Priority Payment via CommBiz to other Australian financial institutions before 4pm (Sydney time) on a business day, the funds will generally be available in the recipient's account within 2 hours.

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Using CommBiz BPAY function

Why can I not access BPAY in my CommBiz service?
This will depend on the role you have been assigned in CommBiz or if you have custom account permissions set up. You will need to request your administrator to enable the BPAY permission for you.

How, as an administrator, do I allow users to see or create BPAY transactions? 
First you’ll need to edit the user’s profile: Go to Admin menu > Users > Edit

Then allow access: Go to Account > View and/ or Create BPAY.

If you want to give access to a user or group of users who have been assigned a specific role: Go to Admin menu > Users > Roles > Edit.

If you want to give user, or a group of users, authority to use BPAY View then follow the steps above and tick the BPAY View permission box.

I am an administrator, how do I entitle authorisers to authorise BPAY transactions?
Authorisers must have BPAY View permissions to be able to authorise BPAY transactions for a given account. Follow the steps mentioned in the above question and check the BPAY View permission for each account the authoriser should have access to.

Can I import a BPAY file for payment?
Yes, you can import a BPAY payment file for transaction accounts and credit card.  Note it is not possible to import multiple BPAY transactions using credit cards.

Can I pay for more than one biller in one transaction?
Yes, if you pay from a transaction account. You can enter payment details to multiple billers and have a single debit from your account. This is not possible from a credit card; only one biller can be paid in one transaction.

Why is the customer reference number (CRN) stored in the biller address book different to the one on my bill?
This can happen as some billers generate a different CRN each time a customer is billed. It is important that you check the CRN before you confirm any payment.

I pay the same billers every month. How can I save all the biller codes and customer reference number so that I don’t have to re-enter every month?
You can save the payment group as a template. However, it is important that you check all the details are correct before you proceed with payments.

What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds in my account for the whole batch of payments? Will some of the payments be processed
No, the whole batch of payments will be rejected.

What is the payment cut-off time for BPAY payments?
We commit to process all payments received by 5:55pm. After 5:55pm or on a non-business day, payment instructions will be processed on a "best endeavours" basis.

What account types can I make BPAY payments from?
You can make BPAY payments from your transaction accounts or credit card.  You can make single and multiple payments from your transaction accounts, but you can only make single payments from your credit card.

If the biller rejects the BPAY payment (e.g. closed account), what will happen to the payment?
The funds will be returned to the originated account.

What can I do if I find out that I have paid the wrong amount or entered the wrong biller code or customer reference number and the payment goes through?
Once a BPAY payment is made, it cannot be stopped. However, if you believe you have made a mistake in your BPAY payment you may contact our CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339 and request a payment reversal. If approved, the payment will return to the account where the payment was originated. If the reversal is rejected by the payer financial institution, you will need to contact the biller directly.

How far back can a payment be reversed?
There is no limit to how old a payment is for it to be reversed. The decision to reverse a payment is entirely a decision of the biller.

How quickly can the payment be returned?
It may take up to 10 working days for the funds to be returned.

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Using the CommBiz International Payments function

What is BIC?
BIC is an acronym for 'Bank Identifier Code' used to identify banks.  It consists of  8 or 11 alphanumeric characters, which are made up of the following:



Bank code 4 alphanumeric characters
Country code 2 alpha characters
Location code 2 alphanumeric characters
Branch code (optional) 3 alphanumeric characters

Example: the BIC relating to a payment to beneficiary bank 'TestBank' in France consists of 11 characters in total as follows:

For the latest information on SWIFT BIC or to validate your BIC, visit the SWIFT Publication Portal at

What is IBAN?
IBAN stands for ‘International Bank Account Number’, which is uniquely assigned to identify an account to improve cross-border payment efficiency within the European economic area. An IBAN consists of maximum 34 alphanumeric characters, which are made up of the following:



ISO country code 2 alpha characters
Check digits 2 numeric characters
Basic Bank Account Number Max 30 alphanumeric characters total

As an example to illustrate the concept, a payment to France will consist of 27 IBAN characters in total as follows:

We recommend you include IBAN for payments to countries where it is currently optional as it may become mandatory. For more information and the most updated list on IBAN, please visit the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) website at You may also validate your IBAN at

Why do I have to include BIC and IBAN as part of my payment information to a European country or economic area?
The requirement of BIC and IBAN was introduced by the European Payment Council to simplify and standardise payments made within the European economic area, and to improve cross-border payment efficiency.

Where can I source the BIC and IBAN for my payments?
Your beneficiary should provide you with both BIC and IBAN.

Can I calculate my own BIC and IBAN?
Please do not calculate your BIC and IBAN as there is a risk of incorrect calculation.  Please source your BIC and IBAN from your beneficiary. You may validate your BIC and IBAN at the following web addresses:

When do these changes become effective?
The requirement for BIC and IBAN is effective from 1 January 2007, however as many European banks are already accepting payments with BIC and IBAN, we recommend you to include the required information as part of your payment to Europe from 14 December 2006 to ensure process efficiency.

What will happen if I do not include BIC and IBAN as part of my payment to a European country or economic area?
Omitting BIC and IBAN information may result in:

  • The payment being rejected
  • The payment being delayed
  • A fee incurred as the result of the payment rejection by the beneficiary bank
  • The beneficiary will not receive payment
  • Potential foreign exchange loss

Where can I get more information on IBAN?
You may obtain more information from the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) website at

When do I use an Intermediary Bank?

The beneficiary may provide full payments instructions to ensure funds are not converted or so that funds are received by them quicker.

An intermediary bank can be used when the beneficiary bank is not domiciled in the currency of that country.

An example is as follows:


Pay: AUD5,000
Intermediary Bank:  HSBCAU2S
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Australia
Beneficiary bank:  HSBCGB2L
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation London
Beneficiary:    /Account No.
Company ABC

In this instance AUD will be sent via Priority Payment to HSBC Australia who will credit HSBC London’s account and will send them an advice that they have been credited and that funds are for Company ABC.

What happens if I don’t have the Intermediary Bank?

If you do not have an Intermediary Bank, the Commonwealth Bank will use our preferred Correspondent Bank to effect the payment.

An example is as follows:


Pay: AUD5,000
Beneficiary Bank: HSBCGB2L
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation London
Beneficiary:    /Account No.
Company ABC

In this instance AUD will be sent to Commonwealth Bank’s United Kingdom Correspondent Bank. Commonwealth Bank’s United Kingdom Correspondent Bank could convert the payment to GBP and send the GBP to HSBC. HSBC will either:

  • Return the payment and request AUD. In which case Commonwealth Bank’s UK Correspondent Bank will send the payment in AUD through to Commonwealth Bank to send the payment via RTGS/Priority Payment to HSBC Sydney
  • Convert the GBP payment they received to AUD and a loss would likely be incurred.

What happens when Australian Dollar Payments sent overseas without an Australian Intermediary Bank?

The timing of the payment may be subject to local laws, regulations or practices. Please also note that a financial institution involved in the payment chain may decide to, or may be required by local law to, convert your payment to a local or other currency.

If you would prefer the beneficiary to receive the payment in AUD, you should include the full banking instructions and specify that the beneficiary requires AUD in “Description Payment Details for Beneficiary” field.

We will pass on your instructions but we will not be responsible and will accept no liability, if your instructions are not followed for any reason. Please ensure you confirm full payment instructions with your beneficiary (account number, account name, beneficiary bank identifier code and branch details).


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Using the CommBiz maintenance functions

What is the maintenance function?
Maintenance allows you to make changes to your service, such as changing the electronic account authority.

When would I use the maintenance function?
Situations such as adding or removing accounts from the service, adding or removing authorisers, changing authoriser limits and enabling a product.

Which users can send maintenance requests?
Any user that has been set up with the appropriate permissions. Initially, only the administrator has this permission.

How do I add an account to my CommBiz service?
Through the maintenance function in CommBiz.

How do I change the electronic account authority on an account in my CommBiz service?
Through the maintenance function in CommBiz.

How do I add another authoriser onto the accounts in my CommBiz service?
Through the maintenance function in CommBiz.

Where do I send any maintenance request paperwork that I have printed out?
Click this link for the address details for sending all printed CommBiz correspondence to the Bank.

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Using CommBiz as an administrator

Who can be an administrator?
Any person with a level of authority as nominated by the owners or board of your business. It does not need to be a technical or IT person.

What will an administrator be able to do on CommBiz?
The administrator is determined at the time of registration and will have the rights to make changes within your service. This includes assigning users to be able to view accounts, create transactions or access certain transaction information. The administrator is also able to reset user passwords and is able to lodge maintenance requests to edit the electronic account authority. 

How do I set up individual users on my CommBiz service?
Your administrator has the capacity to enable users who can view and create information on your CommBiz service.

What type of administrator functions can I give to selected users within my CommBiz service?
Your administrator can entitle any selected user within your service with multiple functions such as importing files, submitting maintenance requests and maintaining users and roles.

What happens if I lock myself (as the administrator) out of the system?
You can reset your password using the My Security Centre tools, or if there is another administrator of your service, they will be able to reset your password. Otherwise, you can contact the CommBiz Help Desk.

Who is sending me messages in my CommBiz service and why?
Messages sent via CommBiz will have been generated by the Bank and will relate to CommBiz notices. These include messages that relate to the CommBiz service or upcoming scheduled maintenance periods.

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Using CommBiz as an authoriser or user

What happens if I am out of the office for a prolonged period of time?
CommBiz has the capacity for you to activate an out of office notice to warn other people of your absence. You can access CommBiz from any internet connected computer or your own laptop where you can access an internet connection, so you can still use the CommBiz service when you are out of the office.

How do I know if I have payments to authorise?
On your CommBiz homepage, which is displayed after your login or you can navigate to by clicking on Home in the top banner, is a section which shows the number of payments waiting for you to authorise.

Can I amend my profiles or access?
Your administrator has control over all of the user permissions within your CommBiz service.

How do I change my CommBiz login ID or my login password?
By accessing My Security Centre.

Why do I have challenge/response questions?
So that we know who you are, if you need to contact the Bank.

How do I change my CommBiz challenge/response questions?
By accessing My Security Centre.

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ATM Deposit Code

How can ATM Deposit Codes help my business?

ATM Deposit Codes provide a new way to control and create efficiencies in your depositing and reconciliation processes.

Using an ATM Deposit Code streamlines the process of having depositors make regular note, cheque or coin deposits into your account. Manual entry is no longer required by the depositor as there is no need for deposit slips, bags or envelopes.

The depositor can simply scan their code at selected CommBank ATMs with instant deposit, insert the notes, cheques or coins and the funds are credited real-time to your account (cheques are still subject to existing clearing process). With an ATM Deposit Code manual input errors at the ATM are avoided, increasing consistency and reliability with your deposits and reconciliation.

What information do I need to create a code using CommBiz?

To create a code for a depositor, all you need is an eligible account number linked in you CommBiz service. You’ll also need a depositor reference which you can create. To send the code to a depositor you’ll need their email address or mobile phone number.

Are my account details visible to depositors when I send them a code?  

When a deposit code is created for an account, the account number and account details are not visible to your depositors. Deposit codes can only be used to make deposits so it’s unable to be used for withdrawals or checking balances.

What do depositors receive when a code is sent via SMS or Email?

If a code is sent to your depositors they will receive a website link which will navigate the depositor to a webpage showing them the ATM Deposit Code. Depositors can either scan this code from their mobile at the ATM, or save or print code for later use. To make a deposit at an ATM, simply follow the prompts displayed at the ATM.

Do all CommBank ATMs accept ATM Deposit Codes?

No, ATM Deposit Codes can only be used at ATMs with instant deposit. CommBank ATMs which accept deposits are all equipped with a scanner. Find your nearest instant deposit ATM.

Why can’t I see an account when creating an ATM Deposit Code?

If the account is linked in your CommBiz service and you are unable to see the account from the drop down menu when creating a code, the account you’re looking for is either ineligible to receive deposits or you do not have access to the account in CommBiz. To check if you have access to the account, navigate to Admin > My Profile > Accounts and verify that the View Balance or View Account Details permissions have been enabled against the account.

Can I create codes in bulk using CommBiz? 

Yes, codes can be created in bulk using the Create codes in bulk function in in CommBiz. To create codes in bulk, download the excel template, follow the instructions provided in the instructions file in Step 1 of Prepare & upload file, save your file as .csv and import your file into CommBiz. More information is available in the CommBiz User Guide – ATM Deposit Code.

Is there a limit to the number of codes I can create in CommBiz?

Yes, for Business accounts maximum of 300 codes and maximum of 2 codes for Personal accounts.

I’m receiving errors when creating codes in bulk, what should I look out for?

If you are receiving errors when creating codes in bulk refer to the instructions document provided along with the excel template in Step 1 of Prepare & upload file. More information is also available in the CommBiz User Guide – ATM Deposit Code.

I’d like to print all my codes – how can I do this?

Codes can be printed in bulk (up to a maximum of 10 codes) by using the Bulk Print function on the “Manage ATM Deposit Codes” page. To use this function select 1 or multiple codes, from the codes retrieved for the selected account, and select the Bulk Print (PDF) button.
A PDF file will be generated containing the selected codes. Codes will be business-card sized and will display 10 codes.. The format used has specifically been aligned to ensure codes can be printed using the following print formats:

Why am I unable to access the ATM Deposit Code option in my CommBiz service?

If you’re unable to see the ATM Deposit Codes menu (accessed from the Accounts menu) you may not have access to any accounts. Please contact your CommBiz Administrator to request access to the ATM Deposit Codes.

What happens when I delete an ATM Deposit Code?

If you delete a code in CommBiz, it’s unable to be restored. Please inform your depositor and let them know that their code will no longer work if scanned at the ATM. If you have accidentally deleted a code, a replacement code can be created.

Can I create duplicate codes?

Each code will have its own unique identifying number which ensures that each code is different. You may reissue or send a code to other recipients if you wish more than one recipient to use the code. Note that codes can be used a maximum of 5 times a day. To avoid confusion, please ensure that any deposit codes you’re about to create have not already been created with the same information.

Will I be automatically notified if a deposit has been made using the code issued?

No, however you can view when your codes were last used by navigating to the “Manage ATM Deposit Codes” page and viewing the ‘Last used’ column. This can be used to track deposits made using your codes.

Will the deposited funds appear in my account in real-time?

Yes. However, only cleared funds will be credited in real-time (cheques are still subject to normal processing times)

How will I know if my code been received by my depositor?

CommBiz will ensure your code has been sent via email or SMS, however please check depositor information is correct and up to date before entering the details. It is also recommended to inform your depositor that a code has been issued.

Is my ATM Deposit Code reusable?

Yes, you may use you use your code indefinitely. Note that each code can be used up to 5 times per day only.

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CommBiz Markets

What are the foreign exchange benefits?
As a CommBiz Markets user, benefits include:

  • The ability to settle foreign exchange deals using direct debit request (DDR), BPAY®, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or debit to a CBA account
  • Having access to 12 months of trade history
  • Accessing online dealing from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday (NSW time)
  • Using email and saving all confirmations and export data into spreadsheet applications such as Excel
  • The ability to view indicative market rates for key currencies without booking a trade

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What are the money markets benefits?
As a CommBiz Markets user, you can:

  • Gain online access to your cash deposit accounts (CDA) and cash relationship accounts (CRA) and choose from three investments options – at-call, fixed term deposits and bank bills – in one account
  • View CDA and CRA balances online
  • Benefit from real-time pricing on fixed term deposits and security investments
  • Transfer funds between your CDA At Call Deposit or CRA 11am Call Deposit and your nominated bank accounts
  • Make payments to other financial institution accounts that are in the same name as the CDA or CRA
  • Make changes online to fixed term deposits and security investment maturity instructions
  • Receive returns linked to prevailing market interest rates

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I am a CommBiz customer. Can I continue to use my existing CommBiz security token?
Yes you can. If you are not an existing CommBiz customer we will issue a new security token for each authoriser and administrator.
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I am a CommBiz customer. Can I use my existing CommBiz authorisers for CommBiz Markets?
Yes. Once you have signed up for CommBiz Markets, you will be able to alter their permissions by completing a maintenance request online.
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What are the costs?

  • Tokens cost $27.50
  • There is a monthly token fee of $5.50

Money markets:

  • There are no charges for money markets transactions

Foreign exchange:

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When/how will I know that I can use CommBiz Markets?

New CommBiz Clients:

  • When your CommBiz application has been processed, you will be issued with a security token, user ID and password
  • You need to activate the security token as soon as the user ID and password arrive and once done you will be able to access CommBiz Markets

Existing CommBiz Clients:

  • When your CommBiz Markets application is processed you will be able to access the Markets tab in your existing CommBiz service
  • To check that your application has been processed, click on the Admin tab, then Maintenance Request and check that the ‘Enable FX’ request has the ‘Processed’ flag beside it
  • If you can’t see the ‘Markets’ tab across the top of the page, it means your FX Permissions have not been set
  • Setting FX permissions for existing users needs to be done by the CommBiz Administrator within your company. They can do this by clicking on the Admin tab, then selecting ‘User’ and then selecting the user that needs the FX access. Once they are on the users profile page they need to click on the ‘Permissions’ tab and follow the steps. All FX users need to be ‘Identified’ by the Bank before they can be given access to the FX functionality in CommBiz Markets
  • If help is required setting FX permissions the Administrator can call our dedicated CommBiz Markets Helpdesk on 1800 111 198 and they will talk them through the steps over the phone

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Will I need to sign up for CommBiz Markets if I am already a CommBiz user?
Yes. You will need to complete a maintenance request online and sign and return the relevant forms. If you are new to CommBiz, you will need to register for CommBiz Markets and sign and return the relevant forms. The return address for maintenance requests and registration forms is:
Reply Paid 332
Silverwater NSW 2128

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For more frequently asked questions and answers, please visit our website CommBiz.


  • Important information.
    As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions issued by Commonwealth Bank of Australia for CommBiz are available on request. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF 56kb). If you have a complaint, the Bank's dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.

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