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How to apply for CommBiz

How can I apply for a CommBiz service?
You can apply for CommBiz online by completing the application form at Once you have completed the online application, saved and printed the documentation it will need to be signed by the authorisers assigned to each account and authorised organisation signatories. The documents are to be then mailed to the Bank for processing, at the address shown on the application screen.  

Where do I send my signed application form?
Send the signed CommBiz application form to: CommBiz Reply Paid 332 Silverwater NSW 2128.

Who in my business must sign the CommBiz application form?

Each authoriser assigned to authorise transactions must sign the application document. The application document must be signed by a person with the approved authority to act on behalf of the business. This may be a company director or the owner or a partner.

How long will it take for me to be setup once I submit my application?
Once you have completed and submitted your application and sent your signed application forms, the Bank will verify the details and enable your service. We will then courier the requested number of security tokens and send the password mailers to all your nominated users. This process can take 7 to 10 days from the time you post your application documents, depending on mail delivery and your location. If there are errors or missing information we will be in touch to ask you to resolve errors or submit the missing details. This will delay the processing of your application.

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General security

How can I reset my password?

This can be done online through a series of questions that will be asked of the user, or with the assistance of your administrator.  This does not need to be done by the Bank. To reset your password now, go to

Why does My Security Centre tell me that I can't create a login with my own name?
All login IDs are unique. Another user (from either your own or another service) will have already created this login. You may like to consider an alphanumeric alternative i.e. JohnSmith123.

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Can I have an eToken and physical token at the same time?

Only if they are for different services. You're not able to have both for the same service. 

Can my service have a mix of eToken and physical tokens users?
If you're switching to eToken, any user who activates eToken on their app will deactivate their physical tokens.
If you're using a physical token, don't activate eToken on your app to continue as normal.

If your service was registered with eToken when you signed up, all new users on the service will default to eToken. You can still order a physical token for any token user by calling CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339.

Can I have multiple eTokens for different services if they have separate log ins?

To have more than one eToken, you need to register the CommBiz app on different devices. For security reasons, each device is linked to a unique user profile and service.

Can I activate eToken on multiple devices all linked to the same service?
You're unable have eToken activated on multiple devices linked to the same service. 

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Fees & charges

How much does CommBiz cost?
Refer to the rates & fees section for CommBiz fees in the terms and conditions document.

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Using CommBiz transaction functions

Will CommBiz work with MYOB or Quicken or other accounting packages?

Yes. There are import and export tools in the File Transfer function that help you import files into, or export files from, CommBiz. These are available in various formats which can then be interfaced with your accounting package.

If I close my account will I still have access to Transaction History and Balance History?
Yes, until the account is removed from your service.

If I make a Direct Credit to an account at another financial institution, when will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Direct Credits ’to’ and ‘from’ other financial institutions are not instantaneous. If you complete a Direct Credit via CommBiz to other Australian financial institutions before 6pm (Sydney time) on a business day, the funds will generally be available in the recipient's account on the next business day.

If you make a Direct Credit via CommBiz to another Australian financial institution after 6pm (Sydney time) on a business day, or on a weekend/public holiday, it can take up to 2 business days to appear in the recipient's account.

If I make a Priority Payment to an account at another financial institution, when will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Priority Payments enable you to make urgent same day payments to any Australian financial institution. If you complete a Priority Payment via CommBiz to other Australian financial institutions before 4pm (Sydney time) on a business day, the funds will generally be available in the recipient's account within 2 hours.

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Using CommBiz BPAY function

What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds in my account for the whole batch of payments? Will some of the payments be processed

No, the whole batch of payments will be rejected.

What is the payment cut-off time for BPAY payments?
We commit to process all payments received by 5:55pm. After 5:55pm or on a non-business day, payment instructions will be processed on a "best endeavours" basis.

If the biller rejects the BPAY payment (e.g. closed account), what will happen to the payment?

The funds will be returned to the originated account.

What can I do if I find out that I have paid the wrong amount or entered the wrong biller code or customer reference number and the payment goes through?
Once a BPAY payment is made, it cannot be stopped. However, if you believe you have made a mistake in your BPAY payment you may contact our CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339 and request a payment reversal. If approved, the payment will return to the account where the payment was originated. If the reversal is rejected by the payer financial institution, you will need to contact the biller directly.

How far back can a payment be reversed?
There is no limit to how old a payment is for it to be reversed. The decision to reverse a payment is entirely a decision of the biller.

How quickly can the payment be returned?
It may take up to 10 working days for the funds to be returned.

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Using the CommBiz International Payments function

Where can I get more information on IBAN?
You may obtain more information from the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) website at

When do I use an Intermediary Bank?

The beneficiary may provide full payments instructions to ensure funds are not converted or so that funds are received by them quicker.

An intermediary bank can be used when the beneficiary bank is not domiciled in the currency of that country.

An example is as follows:


Pay: AUD5,000
Intermediary Bank:  HSBCAU2S
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Australia
Beneficiary bank:  HSBCGB2L
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation London
Beneficiary:    /Account No.
Company ABC

In this instance AUD will be sent via Priority Payment to HSBC Australia who will credit HSBC London’s account and will send them an advice that they have been credited and that funds are for Company ABC.

What happens if I don’t have the Intermediary Bank?

If you do not have an Intermediary Bank, the Commonwealth Bank will use our preferred Correspondent Bank to effect the payment.

An example is as follows:


Pay: AUD5,000
Beneficiary Bank: HSBCGB2L
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation London
Beneficiary:    /Account No.
Company ABC

In this instance AUD will be sent to Commonwealth Bank’s United Kingdom Correspondent Bank. Commonwealth Bank’s United Kingdom Correspondent Bank could convert the payment to GBP and send the GBP to HSBC. HSBC will either:

  • Return the payment and request AUD. In which case Commonwealth Bank’s UK Correspondent Bank will send the payment in AUD through to Commonwealth Bank to send the payment via RTGS/Priority Payment to HSBC Sydney
  • Convert the GBP payment they received to AUD and a loss would likely be incurred.

What happens when Australian Dollar Payments sent overseas without an Australian Intermediary Bank?

The timing of the payment may be subject to local laws, regulations or practices. Please also note that a financial institution involved in the payment chain may decide to, or may be required by local law to, convert your payment to a local or other currency.

If you would prefer the beneficiary to receive the payment in AUD, you should include the full banking instructions and specify that the beneficiary requires AUD in “Description Payment Details for Beneficiary” field.

We will pass on your instructions but we will not be responsible and will accept no liability, if your instructions are not followed for any reason. Please ensure you confirm full payment instructions with your beneficiary (account number, account name, beneficiary bank identifier code and branch details).


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Using CommBiz as an administrator

What happens if I lock myself (as the administrator) out of the system?

You can reset your password using the My Security Centre tools, or if there is another administrator of your service, they will be able to reset your password. Otherwise, you can contact the CommBiz Help Desk.

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Using CommBiz as an authoriser or user

How do I change my CommBiz challenge/response questions?

By accessing My Security Centre.

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ATM Deposit Code

What happens when I delete an ATM Deposit Code?

If you delete a code in CommBiz, it’s unable to be restored. Please inform your depositor and let them know that their code will no longer work if scanned at the ATM. If you have accidentally deleted a code, a replacement code can be created.

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When/how will I know that I can use CommBiz Markets?

New CommBiz Clients:

  • When your CommBiz application has been processed, you will be issued with a security token, user ID and password
  • You need to activate the security token as soon as the user ID and password arrive and once done you will be able to access CommBiz Markets

Existing CommBiz Clients:

  • When your CommBiz Markets application is processed you will be able to access the Markets tab in your existing CommBiz service
  • To check that your application has been processed, click on the Admin tab, then Maintenance Request and check that the ‘Enable FX’ request has the ‘Processed’ flag beside it
  • If you can’t see the ‘Markets’ tab across the top of the page, it means your FX Permissions have not been set
  • Setting FX permissions for existing users needs to be done by the CommBiz Administrator within your company. They can do this by clicking on the Admin tab, then selecting ‘User’ and then selecting the user that needs the FX access. Once they are on the users profile page they need to click on the ‘Permissions’ tab and follow the steps. All FX users need to be ‘Identified’ by the Bank before they can be given access to the FX functionality in CommBiz Markets
  • If help is required setting FX permissions the Administrator can call our dedicated CommBiz Markets Helpdesk on 1800 111 198 and they will talk them through the steps over the phone

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Will I need to sign up for CommBiz Markets if I am already a CommBiz user?
Yes. You will need to complete a maintenance request online and sign and return the relevant forms. If you are new to CommBiz, you will need to register for CommBiz Markets and sign and return the relevant forms. The return address for maintenance requests and registration forms is:
Reply Paid 332
Silverwater NSW 2128

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For more frequently asked questions and answers, please visit our website CommBiz.


  • Important information.
    As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Terms and conditions issued by Commonwealth Bank of Australia for CommBiz are available on request. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF 56kb). If you have a complaint, the Bank's dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.

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