When/how will I know that I can use CommBiz IPFX?

New CommBiz Clients:
  • When your CommBiz application has been processed, you will be issued with a security token, user ID and password
  • You need to activate the security token as soon as the user ID and password arrive and once done you will be able to access CommBiz IPFX

Existing CommBiz Clients:

  • When your CommBiz IPFX application is processed you will be able to access International Payments & FX under the Payables tab in your existing CommBiz service
  • To check that your application has been processed, click on the Admin tab, then Maintenance Request and check that the ‘Enable FX’ request has the ‘Processed’ flag beside it
  • If you can’t see ‘International Payments & FX’ under the Payables tab, it means your FX Permissions have not been set
  • Setting FX permissions for existing users needs to be done by the CommBiz Administrator within your company. They can do this by clicking on the Admin tab, then selecting ‘User’ and then selecting the user that needs the FX access. Once they are on the users profile page they need to click on the ‘Permissions’ tab and follow the steps. All FX users need to be ‘Identified’ by the Bank before they can be given access to the FX functionality
  • If help is required setting FX permissions the Administrator can call our dedicated FX Centre Helpdesk on 1300 222 339 and they will talk them through the steps over the phone

Will I need to sign up for CommBiz IPFX if I am already a CommBiz user?

Yes. You will need to complete a maintenance request online and sign and return the relevant forms. If you are new to CommBiz, you will need to register for CommBiz IPFX and sign and return the relevant forms. The return address for maintenance requests and registration forms is: CommBiz Reply Paid 332 Silverwater NSW 2128