Create a code

  • Log on to CommBiz and select Accounts then ATM Deposit Codes

    Select Launch ATM Deposit Codes

    On next screen, select the Create a code tab

    • Select an account
    • Enter a depositor reference
    • Enter a description (for your statement, if required)

    Select Create code

Share a new code

  • On the screen displaying the QR code, you can print or share the new code. 

    To send a code:

    • Enter the name, email address and/or mobile number of the depositor and select Send code
    • We’ll send your depositor an SMS, email or both, with a link to your code which can be used at the ATM or saved and printed for later

    Refer to our Group Privacy Statement for more information on how we collect and handle personal information. By entering another person’s information, you confirm you have their permission to provide their details and informed them of our Group Privacy Statement.

View & manage codes

  • To view your ATM deposit codes, select an account. If codes exist for this account, they’ll appear in the table. 

    To edit a code, once you’ve found it, select Details

    You can edit the: 

    • Depositor reference
    • Description
    • Depositor name
    • Email address
    • Mobile number

    Once done, select Save

    Note: ATM deposit codes have their own unique identifying number. If you’re adding a new code with the same information as an existing code, they may look the same. To avoid confusion, make sure a code hasn’t already been created with the same details.

Print, send, delete or export multiple codes

  • From the Manage codes page, select the account, then select the relevant codes and choose from the options:

    Bulk print (PDF) 

    Generate a PDF file of business-card sized codes which display 10 on a page. You can save or print the PDF. 

    Note: The format used has been aligned for codes to print using Avery stationery formats Avery L7414 and L7415. 

    Delete or Send

    Delete or send selected codes.

    Bulk export (CSV)

    Generate a CSV file of selected codes. Depositor details such as name, email and phone number won’t be included.

Create codes in bulk

  • Save time by creating up to 1000 codes at once, using the bulk creation CSV template and instructions on the Create codes in bulk section.


    • You can create codes for up to 15 unique accounts at once. If you need ATM deposit codes for more than 15 accounts, we suggest you split the file
    • Ensure your account exists in CommBiz and you have permission to view. Account numbers should have 8 digits (BSB has 6 and starts with 06)
    • If leading zeros have been removed from your file (for agent, account and mobile numbers) enter a single apostrophe (‘) in front of each number, e.g. ‘061234